Ukraine could transfer its top-secret data and servers overseas

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L’Ukraine fears that the Russia can steal top-secret government documents e other data from its servers. For this reason the Ukrainian authorities have begun to explore the possibility of move your data e server in another country, Reuters reported. Let’s find out all the details together.

Ukraine is considering moving sensitive data and servers overseas

The original plan is still that of protect the country’s IT infrastructure; however moving the most sensitive data to another location is a possible plan B. This is what Victor Zhora, the deputy head of the information protection arm of Ukraine, said.

Ukraine has already dealt with various aggressive cyberattacks from the neighboring nation, including attacks on military and energy networks. Russia has also attempted to interfere with the Ukrainian presidential elections of 2014 and launches regular attacks on the electricity grid of Ukraine, leading to disruptions that last for days.

The Ukrainian government attempted to reduce damage by migrating its IT systems a Kiev in 2014, after the Russian occupation of Crimea. Ukrainian cyber teams have developed plans for disable infrastructure e transfer back-ups if his networks were compromised, Zhora said.

But the fact that i more sensitive data of Ukraine are centralized in Kiev it’s a problem if the Russian army were to occupy the capital. At the time of publication, Russian troops are encircling Kiev, and experts estimate they could attack the city within a few days. Ukraine already stands moving some sensitive data e server in aree remoteout of reach of Russia.

Ukraine has not released details on where it might attempt to transfer its sensitive government data but the move to one allied nation it could provide more than just physical distance from the Russian military. Reuters reported that cyberattacks against such dataif they were to occur within the borders of an allied nation, they could trigger the NATO’s collective defense clausewhich requires all member nations to respond if one is attacked.

For now, the Parliament of Ukraine still has to give its seal of approval before sensitive nation data can be moved.

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