State of Play marzo 2022: tutti gli annunci PlayStation

State of Play March 2022: all PlayStation announcements

Welcome back to the usual Sony event. Let’s find out all the trailers and all the announcements made by PlayStation in this latest State of Play in March

The latest event dedicated to upcoming PlayStation titles was frankly quite surprising, for many reasons. Alongside titles that have come out totally “out of the blue”, such as the new Exoprimal, previously announced games were also presented, such as Ghostwire Tokyo and show yourself update of games already released. But let’s go in order and recap together in the next few lines all ads made by Sony in the latter State of Play Of March 2022.

News from Japan

During the event we were able to take a first look at the upcoming titleswhich, although of lesser importance than Sony’s classic flagship titles, contribute to enlarge even more the audience ea diversification the view PlayStation. In particular, as stated by official rumors, the ads of this State of Play have involved games developed primarily by team orientali (i.e. Japanese). Here then, from Capcom a Square Enixall trailers and games featured.

State of Play March 2022: all PlayStation announcements

We almost believed it – State of Play March 2022: all announcements

Let’s start the first wave of new titles with a unexpected Exoprimal. We would all have immediately bet on a remake Of Dino Crisisand yet the new game developed by Capcom turned out to be one thing completely new. Exoprimal comes as one shooter which combines a post apocalyptic world with i dinosaurs and epic heroes in exotuta at the Anthem. The title will be available to all users PS4 e PS5 during 2023.

  • Exoprimal: Third-person co-op shooter set in a destroyed world with dinosaurs, release 2023.
  • GhostWire Tokyo: shown the title in the pipeline with a short trailer interspersed with gameplay sequences.
  • Strangers of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin: officially announced the demo available for both consoles.
  • Forespoken: after the numerous recent news about the postponement of Forespoken, here is the official release date, which is 11 October 2022.

State of Play March 2022: all PlayStation announcements

A blast from the past – State of Play March 2022: all announcements

With the next titles we will take a dip in the past. Yes, because some of the upcoming titles are based on brands originating from the 80scome JoJo and the Ninja Turtles. For the latter in particular, we have the release of the Cawabunga Collectioncollection of different arcade titles from the past spanning years ed epoch videogames different. the collection will be available during the year.

  • Gundam Evolution: Gundam themed multiplayer fps. The game has 3 modes. This spring the first network tests for online.
  • Ninja Turtles The Cawabunga Collection: collection of old titles dedicated to the famous turtles with some additions and changes to the game experience.
  • GigaBash: action with spectacular isometric combat. Coming in 2022 for PS4 and PS5.
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle R: the fighting game based on the events of the JoJo manga returns. Release scheduled for this fall.

State of Play March 2022: all PlayStation announcements

Indie and games with particular names: State of Play March 2022: all the announcements

In the last part of the event, here are some presented new jrpg from the classic system and a lot indie stylish. We are talking about Trek to Yomia title with white weapon fighting set in the Japan of the samurai. The title, previously announced, is presented here with a new trailer spectacular that allows us to take a look at some of them too sequences Of combat.

  • Trek to Yomi: scrolling action based on katana fights, the style of representation in black and white recalls the old samurai movies. Out this summer.
  • Returnal Ascension: Returnal free update that adds juicy new features, such as the co-op and more arenas. Released March 22.
  • The DioField Chronicle: RTS with a fantasy setting. Developed by Square Enix, the game (with a rather peculiar name) is coming in 2022.
  • Valkyrie Elysium: new action rpg from Square Enix. This too will be released in 2022.

State of Play March 2022: all PlayStation announcements

A 2022 in the name of Japan

As we have seen in this summary on ads made in the last State of Play Of Sonythis year is preparing to be full of titles from thefar East. However, theother face of the coin is that several titles, primarily those announced by Square Enixthey don’t appear on paper depart too much from the formula action rpg inaugurated 3 years ago with Final Fantasy XV. Despite this, however, we were happy to learn the new one release date of Forespoken, as well as the new free update for the excellent TPS Returnal. That’s all for this appointment, until next time.

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