Ukraine has asked PlayStation and Xbox to block Russian accounts

As the Russian-Ukrainian conflict continues, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov has appealed to Sony and Microsoft to deactivate all accounts PlayStation e Xbox Russians and Belarusians, in such a way as to give a clear message also from the point of view of digital services related to gaming. Let’s take a deeper look at the matter.

Ukraine asks PlayStation and Xbox to block Russian accounts

Mykhailo FedorovPrime Minister and Minister for Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted the message via his account Twitter personal, urging both Microsoft and Sony to block accounts PlayStation and Xbox Russians and cancel all events in the country, in such a way as to create some kind of disturbance also for the sector gaming.

Clearly this is not exactly a guerrilla action, but more of a pseudo one sabotage to the Russian government, in such a way as to leverage the sentiment of citizens, probably victims of fake news spread by the government. The same strategy implemented by other giants of the tech sector, which are gradually interrupting their services in Russia, providing more support to Ukraine at the same time.

At the time of writing this news, an official response has not yet been received from the two leading companies in the videogame industry, but it is not at all excluded that Sony and Microsoft follow the path of Applejust to give an example, which for some days now has totally banned the sale of its devices in Russia, while at the same time finding a system to prevent their importation as well.

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