Ukraine wants to kick Russia off the Internet

Between defense systems with which Ukrainea is trying to thwart the separate invasion of Russia there are real “digital” attacks that aim to prevent access to the Internet for all Russian users. One of the objectives of the Ukrainian counter-offensive is to completely exclude Russia from the Internet, causing a real collapse within the country.

This is how Ukraine is asking to kick Russia out of the Internet

In fact, Ukraine has asked the various providers of the sector for revocare i top level domain, that is the top-level domains, most used in Russia (such as .ru, .рф and .su). At the same time, the goal is to arrive at the revocation of SSL certificates that allow you to certify the security of the Internet connection and data protection. In this way, according to Ukraine, it will be possible to stop Russian propaganda and misinformation created to support the causes of the conflict between the Russian population. Another goal of Ukraine is to prevent Russia from using IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Russia may already have a countermeasure

For some time, Russia has been working on RUNet, a network infrastructure capable of managing information and communications and, therefore, of creating a real alternative Internet in the event that the country is “disconnected” from the network. In any case, Ukraine’s proposal risks causing enormous damage to Russia which could react even more violently. We’ll see what happens over the next few days.

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