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ULT is the new Sony brand dedicated to hip hop lovers

There's a new (sub)brand in town: it's called ULTis the son of Sony and aims at lovers ofhip hop.
To date, Sony has given us a lot of audio products that only show off the Japanese brand. Products that we have come to know and love. Let's think for example of the WF-1000XM, now in its fifth generation without gaining any sub-brand or even an easily pronounceable name but capable of dictating the law in a very crowded and extremely competitive market.
However, think about the target of these small true wireless devices: 360° music lovers, people who are willing to spend a lot for latest generation technology, people who take advantage of noise cancellation and who perhaps work with headphones.

We can also give another example: LinkBuds, which have won an easy-to-pronounce name but remain a niche product.

What was Sony missing? A line of headphones and speakers that winked at the new generations, to the young people. Something that maybe was going to replace the Extra Bass line which was starting to get a few years old but which had an important tradition behind it, the one linked – the name suggests – to basses.

The new Sony ULT family probably arises from these considerations, and so we find ourselves with a colorful and captivating logo and a claim, “Power Sound“, which promises an energetic sound without losing details, even at maximum volume.

The products of the Sony ULT line

All this comes to fruition with the launch of four new products:

  • ULT Tower 10
  • ULT Field 7
  • ULT Field 1
  • ULT Wear

ULT Tower 10

ULT Tower 10ULT Tower 10

“Tower” is not an exaggeration. The dimensions of ULT Tower 10 are definitely important: 418 x 1106 x 428 mm for 29 kg of weight.
A colossus (on wheels) that it is in all respects Sony's most powerful speakerwith 4 tweeters – 2 front and 2 rear – for 360-degree sound, 2 mid-range dedicated to vocals, melodic instruments and drums and an X-Balanced speaker entirely focused on bass.
It's not all: the ULT button appears on these products which with a single press allows you to boost the low frequencies (mode Deep Bass) while pressing it a second time gives you the mode Attack Bass which increases the sound pressure.
It's difficult to describe the feeling but we listened to it for a few minutes and… the energy it can release is so muchsomething that will likely get the neighbors knocking on your door – and joining you for the party.

They also contribute to the party mood the colored LEDs, which synchronize with the musicand above all the wireless microphone, with which you can indulge in karaoke, with the possibility of raising or lowering the half tones to adapt the track to your voice.

In addition there are also the function TV Sound Booster, to exploit it with the TV, and Party Connectto connect up to 100 Sony speakers wirelessly.

ULT Field 7

ULT Field 7 speakerULT Field 7 speaker

ULT Field 7 he is the younger brother and has been keeping us company for a couple of days.
Here… “minor” does not mean “small”. However, we are talking about a speaker who weighs 6.3kg with important dimensions (512 x 224 x 222 mm). Fortunately, the sound is also important, entrusted to 2 tweeters, 2 X-Balanced Speakers and 2 passive radiators.

As did? Conical shape, rubberized plastic body – very pleasant to the touch -, two handles for easy transportation e Colored LEDs on the sides. In the central part we find, by rotating it slowly, the Sony logo, the basic keys– power on, Bluetooth pairing, Play/Pause, + and – for volume and ULT – and finally a door that allows, with a little force, access to the various inputs and other buttons, including the one that tells you the battery status.
And here we have an obvious difference with ULT Tower 10: no electricity is needed. You can safely rely on battery that lasts a maximum of 30 hours; if you wish to power it, you should know that the cable is already included in the package.

ULT Field 7 ingressiULT Field 7 ingressi

The other important difference concerns resistance to dust and water splashesso you can also use it for pool parties.

We also have available the Deep Bass and Attack Bass functions linked to the ULT key, la Sound Field Optimisation to adjust the sound based on the noise in the room e Party Connect to hook up other speakers from the Japanese company.

Sony ULT Field 7Sony ULT Field 7

How does it sound? We fed him a bit of everything – from Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes to Now We Are Free by Hans Zimmer via It's Tricky by Run-DMC – and he has never disappointed us, although it is clear that songs with more bass enhance its characteristics more.
The power it can show off is impressive, so much so that you might almost need one for a party in a small apartment.

Then keep in mind that, despite the weight, it is not that difficult to move: you lift it by the handles and that's it. More you can use it both vertically and horizontally, which makes positioning inside the house particularly easy.

All things considered, Sony has certainly done an excellent job and got the point right: the “power sound”.

ULT Field 1

ULT Field 1ULT Field 1

Con ULT Field 1 we enter the field of truly portable speakers. With his 650 grams you can keep it in your backpack, take it to the beach and not fear anything since, among other things, it is shock-proof as well as resistant to dust and water.
No LEDs for him but a sober design, 4 attractive colors – Black, Off White, Forest Gray e Orange -, a lanyard to make it easier to hold and 12 hours of battery life.

Naturally the same buttons return, including the ULT one which characterizes the entire range.

ULT Wear

ULT Wear colorsULT Wear colors

Could a pair of headphones be missing? Clearly not.
However, don't expect a low range because the ULT Wear really promises well.
First of all they exploit the same noise canceling processor as the WH-1000XM5, so as to guarantee excellent isolation and allow you to concentrate on your favorite music, with the ULT button also returning here.

ULT WearULT Wear

The ULT headphones also offer the multipoint connectionsupport for Fast Pair and Swift Pair to connect them to Android and Windows devices on the fly, 30 hours of battery life and a design that recalls that of the M4.
There are also the microfoni beamforming which we are curious to test to find out what quality they can offer on calls but Sony promises largely satisfactory results.

Three colors available: Black, Off White e Forest Gray.

Sony ULT: how much do the products cost?

These are the first 4 Sony ULT products, arriving on the market this month. But at what price?

  • 1.200 € per ULT Tower 10;
  • 450 € per ULT Field 7;
  • 140 € per ULT Field 1;
  • 200 € per ULT Wear.

What do you think of Sony's new sub-brand?

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