United in solidarity, the Nissan Italy project and ACLI Rome

Nissan Italia con ACLI Roma per promuovere i valori della solidarietà thumbnail

Al via la partnership Nissan Italy con ACLI Rome to promote the values ​​of solidarity.

Nissan with ACLI Rome to promote the values ​​of solidarity, press office source

The “Care Sharing, put solidarity into circulation” project

The collaboration between Nissan Italy and the ACLI of Rome takes shape, called “Care Sharing, put solidarity into circulation”.

This one, set up to support the communities and includes various initiatives. Including the dinner in solidarity with the most needy and the food collection that kicked off the path of humanitarian support.

“The basket you need”

In July, the employees of Nissan Italy give life to “The basket you need”. That is, the collection of foodstuffs, for personal hygiene and for the home, created as part of the programme ACLI of Rome “The food you need”.

The goods, intended for families and fragile people, packaged on the basis of sartorial baskets, with attention to the needs of children, adolescents and the elderly, but also to food intolerances.

Beyond 300 kg of food and about 100 liters of personal and household hygiene and care products collected in a month, for a total of over 40 parcels packaged in the Nissan Italia headquarters in Capena and delivered to the indigent families of the neighborhood at the Chapel of Santa Maria Assunta in Idroscalo in Ostia, thanks to a team effort between company employees and volunteers from the ACLI of Rome who have been welcoming these families in their support activities.

Nissan with ACLI Rome to promote the values ​​of solidarity, press office sourceNissan with ACLI Rome to promote the values ​​of solidarity, press office source

The strong point of the initiative was the ability to foster circularity between solidarity and sustainability. In fact, the parcels were brought to their destination aboard a 100% electric Nissan Townstar Van with the intention of launching the zero-emissions charity initiative.

Other collaborations designed for the environmental redevelopment of urban areas and spaces in the Municipality of Rome will follow during the year with sustainable vehicles made available by Nissan.

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