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Valheim: The Hearth & Home update arrives in September

Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate Studio have announced that Hearth & Home, the first major update of Valheim, will be launched on September 16. Revealed with an animated trailer that aired during Gamescom Opening Night Live, the open world cooperative survival game is ready to receive a wealth of new content dedicated to all players.

Valheim: sta per arrivare l’update Hearth & Home

The new trailer follows the lonely journey of a daring Viking, who after killing the mighty Moder alone, is on his way home. Upon his arrival, a big party awaits him at the hearth of his abode, giving fans a cinematic glimpse of one of the themes of the new Hearth & Home update: food.

Players will have to wait until September 16 to find and experience all the new content firsthand, but we already know for sure that Hearth & Home will focus on building the main base, with many additional features and improvements to the case, and survival mechanics. Hearth & Home aims to provide Vikings with even more tools to create the home of their dreams and prepare a feast worthy of an Aesir.

Several of the features that will be introduced through the update have already been revealed by the development team on Steam and on social media, including news for the kitchen with the introduction of spice racks, butcher tables, pots and pans. These new tools not only add new recipes, but offer users more interesting choices with an improved health and stamina system.

Launched in Early Access on Steam in February of this year, Valheim was an instant hit and players quickly found the gameplay engaging, based on fighting together the greatest creatures of Norse mythology. Initially developed by just five people, Valheim sold over seven million copies in less than two months and peaked at over 500,000 concurrent players, a record set by just 5 games in Steam history.

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