Valorant: tutto quello che c’è da sapere su Episodio 6 Atto II thumbnail

Valorant: everything you need to know about Episode 6 Act II

Valorant: everything you need to know about Episode 6 Act II thumbnail

Episode 6 and Episode 7 Act II of Valuingboth available today, introduce Gekko, the 22nd agent of the game, as well as a series of new features included in the new Battle Pass.

Gekko and his…friends

Gekko’s backstory reveals that he was born and raised in Los Angeles and is a Demoman agent leading a clique of rowdy creatures. One of them is Dizzy, which is also one of his main skills. Using the FIRE button you can make Dizzy fly forward. After a little preparation, Dizzy fires plasma jets at enemies in his line of sight. Enemies struck by his plasma are blinded. When Dizzy’s power runs out, he returns as a sleeping globule.

Gekko also comes with three pieces of equipment:

  • Wingman: use the FIRE button to send Wingman scouting for enemies. As soon as Wingman sees an enemy, he unleashes a stunning blast at them. Using ALTERNATIVE FIRE while targeting a Deployment Point or the placed Spike commands Wingman to defuse or place the Spike. To place the Spike, Gekko must have it in his inventory. When Wingman’s power runs out, he returns as a sleeping globule.
  • Moshpit: Using the FIRE button throws Mosh like a grenade. Instead, using ALTERNATIVE FIRE, you throw it from below. Upon impact, Mosh duplicates covering a large area and explodes after a few moments.
  • Thrash: With the FIRE button you connect to Thrash’s mind and guide it into enemy territory. You can also press ACTIVATE to leap forward and explode, blocking enemies. When Thrash’s power runs out, he returns as a sleeping globule.

Valorant: The Episode 6 Act II Battle Pass

The new Battle Pass includes free and Premium rewards. The Premium version can be purchased for 1000 VP (the in-game currency) and includes:

  • Shorty Tilde
  • Epilogue Player Card: Record
  • Spray Dollaroni
  • Cat’s Eye weapon accessory
  • Training Center Player Card // Two Mountains
  • Operator Tilde
  • Tilde knife
  • Sheriff Tag
  • Phantom Topotek
  • Spray Dance of the Omen Cat
  • Training Center Player Card // Stealth Module
  • Super Crunchy Weapon Accessory
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