VALORANT: the eSport scene is renewed, here’s how

The VALORANT eSport scenario is renewed: here's how thumbnail

Riot Games announced groundbreaking new plans for VALORANTwhich envisage the creation of three international leagues for the best possible level of competition in the 2023 season. This new model will be dedicated to a select number of teams and will include long-term collaborations, without participation fees, in order to ensure continued stability to the fastest growing esports in the world.

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To support the initiative, Riot Games will create new features and events such as:

  • Three new international leagues with clashes on a weekly basis between the best teams in the world. In these three international leagues, made up of teams from the Americas, Europe and Asia respectively, the greatest players in the world they will face each other in LAN and in front of a live audience (health safety permitting). Throughout the year, the best teams from each league will qualify for two international Masters events and the VALORANT Champions, where the VALORANT World Champions will be crowned.
  • A new competitive mode within the game, accessible by every player directly from the VALORANT client and created to identify the best talents in the world. This mode will integrate with the existing rankings, providing players with a new objective that will complement the normal competitive ones and which will integrate within the eSports ecosystem.
  • The creation of new local leagues, that will offer new opportunities to emerging talents who aspire to reach the major international leagues. The best teams in the in-game competitive mode will have the opportunity to take on the best talent from their region within their respective local leagues.

Riot Games will therefore create something completely new on the competitive esports scene, eliminating entry and participation fees for selected organizations and supporting their success through lasting partnerships.

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