Valuart annuncia Demotapers, piattaforma NFT musicale e visiva thumbnail

Valuart announces Demotapers, musical and visual NFT platform

Currency type announces the new NFT web3 platform Demotapers, designed to promote music and visual works of art. Artists, both musical and visual, will be able to create their own community of demolovers with which to share and exchange unique limited edition works of art.

Valuart announces Demotapers, musical and visual NFT platform

Valuart has already made several NFT works. From the digitization of Spike the Banksyup to the collaboration with Lauro De Marinis to carry out the project Directed by Achille Lauro which will open its doors in the metaverse. But this new platform will allow many ambitious artists to enhance their work.

In fact, they will be able to create an audio or video track as an NFT, certifying it with the blockchain. To then release it with four different levels of rarity. The first ‘drop’ will arrive in December 2022on the notes of Chase the sunthe iconic piece of the Planet Funk. Which on Demotapers will take on a new form, with crypto artists who will remix the song.

Demotapers piattaforma nft min

Etan Genini CEO and cofounder of Valuart he explains: “In the last two years, the explosion of the NFT phenomenon has allowed the whole world to fully understand the potential of the blockchain. What success in the art market is a reminder of what will happen in the short term throughout the intellectual property ecosystem. Demotapers proposes itself as the perfect space: a digital platform where music and visual arts come together to become two sides of the same coin “.

Among the musical artists you will find:

  • Planet Funk
  • Claudio Coccoluto
  • GNMR
  • Francesco Farfa
  • D’Julz
  • Fabrizio Mammarella
  • Alex Neri
  • Dukwa
  • Alessio Collina
  • Dj Rou
  • Dj Cream
  • Lipstick Traces (Leo Mas and Sergio Portaluri)
  • MouthWater
  • System of Survival
  • Mana
  • Valentina Magaletti

Instead among the visual ones:

  • Hydro rocket
  • Davidvnunn
  • Daria Rastunina
  • Ygor Alves
  • Kaoru Tanaka
  • Monsuta
  • Gammatrace
  • Ex Mortal

You can find more information on the official site on Demotapers and on that of Valuart.

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