Vantum is the new gaming chair designed by Herman Miller and Logitech G.

Vantum è la nuova gaming chair progettata da Herman Miller e Logitech G thumbnail

Herman Millerin partnership con Logitech Gpresented his new gaming chair high performance, Vantum. The gaming chair offers gamers the right level of support in the various game modes to increase comfort, concentration and endurance, both in play and pause positions. Here are all the details.

Vantum is the new gaming chair designed by Herman Miller and Logitech G.

Jon CampbellGeneral Manager of Gaming at Herman Miller, said:

“As a performance-focused brand, our ultimate ambition is to unlock the potential of every player through thoughtful solutions and research that solve problems, deliver results and enable meaningful changes at every level of play. There Vantum Gaming Chair is our response to the community’s demand to get more out of our partnership. It offers the same advanced ergonomics, unrivaled quality and charm as the original Embody Gaming Chair, but now with more color options and a more affordable price. ”

The Vantum Gaming Chair supports the active posture forward which favors the concentration eh reaction times, two factors that play a crucial role when you are in the middle of a gaming session. To achieve this goal, Vantum was designed for proactively position users in one position active / erect the moment they sit down.

It exploits a seat cushion adapted e PostureFitwhich offers adjustable support to the lower back and strengthens the pelvis, preventing the risk of slipping e fatigue. To further help players make sure they are in the correct position, the tilt adjustments they are accompanied by a numerical feedback. This allows players to identify e call back your favorite settings easily.

Aron DrayerHead of Marketing Partnerships di Logitech G, ha affermato:

“For the past 3 years, Logitech G and Herman Miller have collaborated with a common vision of providing gamers with ergonomic, high-performance design solutions. We are thrilled to move to the next phase of our collaboration with this memorable product. “

New product features

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The new design features a comfortable headrest. When not in active play position, the adjustable headrest offers players maximum comfort. In fact, it is able to correctly support the area in which the base of the head meets the spine. This mechanism exerts little or no direct pressure on the neck, allowing players to relax with ease.

Jon Campbell says one of the elements the team noticed during the research is that players need to versatility. It is in fact essential to have an active and strong posture for the game; however it is even more important to have one sustained position e reclined during moments of relaxation.

To further support the reclined position, Vantum Gaming Chair is the first gaming chair to offer a chest support pad. The bearing aims to adequately support the upper backil neck and the testa when in a relaxed position.

The headrest and thoracic support instead work together to ensure the possibility of relieve pressure build-up e regain concentration when necessary.

As for the final appearance of the chair, the Vantum Gaming Chair it has undergone numerous revisions to ensure that players’ needs were prioritized in both aesthetics and appearance. The end result is one expressive chair e audacitywhat a cradle visually e physically the user and who, at the same time, offers technical support. The chair is then further customizable and is available in three bright colors: Polar, Flare and Obsidian.

To conclude, the Vantum Gaming Chair is now available at the price of 1.298€. For more information you can consult the official site.