Via the reimbursements of DAZN: here’s how they are paid

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The first refunds from DAZN begin to arrive after the disaster of the first day of the Serie A championship. As foreseen by the AGCOM resolution, the streaming platform will start issuing a refund for its users who have not been able to follow the matches normally. Here are the details about the disbursement:

The reimbursements of DAZN for the first day of Serie A start: this is how they are paid to users

The reimbursements provided by DAZN will be equal tol 50% of the monthly fee paid by the user. The AGCOM resolution provided for a reimbursement of 25% of the fee but, due to the extraordinary nature of the event, a further reimbursement of 25% is envisaged. Consequently, the total reimbursement will be equal to half of the rent.

L’the disbursement of these reimbursements has already begun and will be completed within a few weeks. The compensation that DAZN will provide to its users it will be credited to the payment instrument chosen by the user. Alternatively, a discount voucher. DAZN should inform its users via e-mail about the start of the reimbursement disbursement. Those who have a subscription with the platform, therefore, must refer to their e-mail box (used for registering the account) to find out more.

In the event of further technical issues, users should continue to receive refunds equal to a quarter of the fee. The delivery methods will always remain the same. DAZN, of course, undertook to improve the service with the aim of avoiding further generalized malfunctions such as those recorded during the first day of the championship. Further updates on this should arrive over the next few days.