Video games and economic savings, is the computer or the console more convenient?

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Today we will see to understand which solution between PC and console is more convenient from an economic point of view, and some useful tips to follow

Everyone likes video games, young and old, but it is clear that – like any other passion – video games also have a cost. Here we are referring not only to the purchase price, but also to their cost in terms of energy consumption. In addition, you must also calculate the expense related to the purchase of the right peripherals, the PC or the console.

Today we will therefore try to understand which of these two solutions is more convenient from an economic point of view, and some useful tips to follow.

PC or console: which platform consumes the most

Unfortunately it is very difficult to give an answer, considering that consumption and costs depend on a thousand different factors. The technical specifications of the devices in place can make all the difference in the world, given that a more powerful device will require a greater amount of energy to be able to be powered properly.

However, to make a reliable comparison, you can check the consumption after a continuous period spent playing with one or the other device. To know how to read the electricity meter, you can check several online guides, so as to be informed about all practical aspects. Once this operation has been carried out a couple of times, it will be enough to compare the data to obtain already eloquent results.

However, if you want to try to reflect on some factors, you can proceed with other considerations, for example by taking into consideration some data. Specifically, among the consoles, the platform that consumes the most seems to be the Playstation, with values ​​however similar to the Xbox in terms of energy consumed each year.

The Wii, on the other hand, is the console that consumes the least, even if in the last period it is giving several problems with the download of games. The computer is a more complex subject, as it is possible to increase or decrease its consumption based on the components. These have a direct impact on performance, therefore reduced costs mean a lower yield of the video games that run on the PC (especially if they require important hardware resources).

What are the other costs to be incurred

The video game market is thriving, so much so that even a streaming platform like Netflix is ​​trying to get a slice of it. And this is because it is a hobby practiced by many, which nevertheless requires considerable costs. Obviously there is the purchase of games, which becomes an important cost for those who buy many video games every year. Those who decide to build a gaming PC, then, have to deal with the purchase of individual components, but save on labor compared to the purchase of an already assembled computer.

The expense related to peripherals such as the monitor, keyboard, gaming mouse and headphones with microphone should not be underestimated. Even if the cost of a gaming PC is significantly higher than that of consoles, in reality it is economically convenient due to some factors: it can be updated with new components, so it is easier to remedy the problem of obsolescence, and at the same cost. it is much more powerful and versatile.