Videogiochi: per 7 italiani su 10 aiutano a combattere lo stress thumbnail

Video games: for 7 out of 10 Italians they help fight stress

Video games prove useful in reducing stress, anxiety and loneliness for many players: this is what emerges from the study conducted by IDEA, the association representing the video game industry in Italy. Not just entertainment, therefore, but also a means of socialization and an outlet.

IDEA: Video games can reduce stress, anxiety and loneliness

I study The Power of Play examined 13 thousand gamers in 12 countries around the world. Conducted by Video Games Europe – of which IIDEA is part – together with ESA Canada and the United States, IGEA and KGames, it shows an encouraging perspective on the use of video games. In Italy, for example, 58% of players say that they help reduce anxiety. But also the lonelinesswhich for Italians is reduced by up to 45%.

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Video games prove to be a useful tool, therefore, also for socialization, but above all to feel less pressured. It is a type of entertainment that has various benefits, according to the over 1000 Italian gamers involved in the study. For example, they stimulate the mind (70%), connect different people (78%), create experiences that adapt to different abilities (75%). But above all, they help reduce stress (69%). In particular, they are an effective anti-stress for women (54%), more than for men (47%). The age group that benefits most in terms of stress is 25-34 years (55%).

And not only that, because playing video games can stimulate the creativity (69%) and help develop the cognitive abilities (68%). They improve language skills (63%), encourage the teamwork (63%) and the flexibility (59%). Furthermore, 4 out of 10 people say they have overcome difficult times thanks to video games.

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In short, video games can even be tools therapeutic, as well as representing a simple source of entertainment. In general, 71% of Italians evaluate the online gaming experience positively, with numerous benefits from a social and emotional point of view. Aspects that are also reflected at a global level, as highlighted by the study by IIDEA and the major associations in the sector.

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