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Video Party, how the new Prime Video option works

Watch one film at the cinema or one serie streaming is one of the things we love to do the most. But it’s even better when you leave the movie theater or turn the lights back on in the living roomwe can talk to someone who has watched the story with us. Amazon Prime Video has made it possible to do this even remotely with the new one Video Party function: but how does it work? Here’s how to organize your “watch party” step by step.

Amazon Prime Video, what is Video Party and how does it work?

During the toughest months of the lockdown, many of us have discovered and tested browser extensions to watch the latest season of a series or movie at the same time as friends. But Amazon Prime Video wants to do more with Video Party, which becomes a huge resource even for large groups and on every platform.

What is Video Party on Amazon Prime Video

Video Party is a new feature of Amazon Prime Video that allows you to simultaneously watch a movie with fup to 100 of your friends (provided they are in the same country, for a matter of TV rights). Who organizes the Video Party regulates the playback: plays, pauses, passes to the next episode. But everyone must have Amazon Prime subscription (or try the 30-day trial), or alternatively buy the title in the app. If you are not a subscriber, you can do it below:

But all participants can choose the audio and subtitle languageli (if they want them). And above all, they can chat directly in the app with others, commenting on what is happening (or asking to pause to run to the kitchen to get popcorn).

Lots of supported platforms

You can use the function on all (or almost all) of the devices on which you have installed your Prime V appvideo. We tested the smartphone (on which we took screenshots in this article), the browser on our laptop, our TV and our Android tablet. But you can also do it on:

  • Smartphone e tabletboth Android and iPhone and iPad, as well as Amazon’s Fire tablets
  • Fire TV
  • All the browser except Safari on Macs

As you can see, you cannot start the option directly from the TV apps at the moment. But you can participate via TV by activating a code. So you can enjoy your favorite series on the big screen, without any problems.

How to start your Video Party on Amazon Prime Video

We tested this feature a bit and we have to admit that it’s really simple to use. If you want to be a party guest, you simply have to:

  • To open Amazon Prime Video on a device (we recommend smartphone or browser, it’s easier)
  • Choose the film o la serie you want to see
  • Click the three dots of settings
  • Select Video Party
  • Choose your name and then Create the Video Party
  • Share the link

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You can share the link via email, with your followers on social media or send it via WhatsApp or Telegram. To access from the TV, once you have opened the link on your smartphone, tablet or PC you must:

  • Open the app Prime Video
  • Go to Personal Area (My Stuff)
  • To select Join a Video Party
  • Enter the Video Party code you find in Detailsbelow the player

How to text on Video Party

While streaming, the host will dictate the timing of the playback. But everyone can chat. To do this you simply have to write in the chat at the bottom of the screen. However, if you want to have the screen free so as not to prevent viewing, there is an alternative.

  • Go up Details to find the code to enter to watch the series on your TV
  • Click Play options
  • Below, select the option to see only the chat on smartphone / browser / tablet

In this way you can use the main screen to watch the series or the film and your smartphone to communicate with others, without being disturbed by the pop-ups of the conversation in the most excited moments.

how it works amazon videp party prime min

Preparate i popcorn

You can leave the Video Party whenever you want, that’s enough choose the option under Leave Video Party. If you want to invite someone else instead, just share the link.

This way you can see series like The Boyscomment on next season’s LOLlook a film cult classic and even see a Champions League match every Wednesday with your friends. Prime Video takes care of organizing everything, you run to prepare the popcorn.

If you have any doubts about how Amazon Prime Video’s Video Party works (or have something serious to recommend), please drop it in the comments.

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