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Virtual reality as a new form of learning

Virtual reality: a new form of learning. This was the main topic of Day 2 (22 September 2021) of works at LEVEL UP – Rome Developer Conference – Developer Days e School Days, the only international conference in Italy entirely dedicated to the design and development of video games, organized by AIV (Italian Videogames Academy) in collaboration with the GALILEO Professional Technical Pole.

Virtual reality: a tool that is also appreciated by politics

Giuseppe Moles, Undersecretary of State to the Prime Minister with responsibility for Information and Publishing, gave us a video message to say his: “One of the fundamental aspects is the possible use of virtual reality as a learning tool, integrated with traditional teaching. Our young people have the right to enjoy adequate education and high preparation. Thus virtual reality becomes the key to combining both aspects. Our kids, already digital natives, can only welcome this innovation. I look forward to further investments in a sector that is experiencing ever more significant growth ”.

The various points of view

“A very important aspect the one mentioned by the Undersecretary on which – recalled Luca De Dominicis, President and Founder of AIV – we are focusing our efforts on the increasingly accurate application of virtual reality. Just think of the first workshops that are already available to students. An important contribution to the museum sector, such as the collaboration with the MArTA (National Archaeological Museum of Taranto), to experiment with new technologies in the cultural sector and apply augmented reality to works of art. We are proud of what we are doing and the record of enrollment at the Academy is an indicator of this success. “

According to Federico Mollicone: “It is now necessary to guarantee public incentive policies to those who support this kind of tools, so as to also support the digital transition of the publishing industry. Innovation is a topic that must be faced with courage and enthusiasm to seize the opportunities that can allow our nation to be at the top in all sectors. We will promote the request to Undersecretary Moles to guarantee the non-cost of copyright for the development of gamification projects of cultural heritage, with a special protocol between the Ministry of Culture, the Department for Publishing and categories, so as to encourage this experiential form. of use of cultural heritage “.

For Mirella Liuzzi, promoter of the First Playable Fund: “Video games, if used appropriately, ie integrated with traditional teaching activities, can be an important learning tool, especially from a collective experience point of view. In this sense, the government has already begun a process to implement some common initiatives, such as the fund reserved only for video game prototypes, and the challenge will be to refinance this initiative into budget law. Furthermore, videogames can be used for the development of scientific themes and some virtuous learning models are already available ”.

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