Vision Pro’s design is too complex, Apple scales production

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Apple will drastically reduce the production of Vision Pro, also because it seems that the design is too complex to keep costs down. The Apple viewer, presented at WWDC 2023, promised the best technology in the sector – but producing it at full capacity seems really difficult.

Vision Pro, Apple will reduce production for too complex design

Apple has had to make “drastic cuts” to the production forecasts of its mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, due to the complexity of its design and production difficulties, according to reports in the Financial Times.

Analysts believe the long gap between the unveiling at WWDC in June and the official launch next year may be due more to problems in the supply chain that to the intention to give developers time to create apps for the device.

According to the report, Apple would not be satisfied with the productivity of the manufacturing partners contracted to supply the due display micro-OLED for the eyes and the curved lenticular lens facing outwards. Micro-OLED displays are said to come from factories in Sony e TSMC for prototypes, but it is unknown who will supply them on a commercial scale.

Due to manufacturing challenges, Apple is expected to will produce fewer than 400,000 units in 2024, according to sources close to the company ea Luxshare, the Chinese manufacturer who will initially assemble the device. Meanwhile, the exclusive China-based suppliers of some components for the Vision Pro have reported that Apple only asked them for one sufficient quantity for 130,000-150,000 units in the first year. Both numbers are well below the one million units Apple was thought to be targeting.

If the device is a success, users may have to wait a long time to receive their mixed reality headset.

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