Vivo Funtouch OS 12: the new update available

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Vivo releases the new update for its devices, introducing Funtouch OS 12. Let’s see together all the news based on Android 12

vivo, the world’s leading smartphone company, presents Funtouch OS 12: the new update of your operating system based on Android 12. The new release provides users with acompletely new experience which unites, to the practicality and to clarity Of Android 12functionality funny e smart that optimize the experience ofuse and allow one greater customization. Not only that, Funtouch OS 12 gets better Even the performance and adds new e important features within privacy e safety. The new grid layout optimizes the use in multitasking which together with the Extended RAM 2.0 function ensures aexperience user fluent e practice. Among the novelties, there is also the new Nano Music Player, a reader musical intuitive which supports the most popular and music applications in Europe.

Vivo Funtouch OS 12: customizable screen with widgets, stickers and highlight album

Among the benefits of Funtouch OS 12 is the increase in level of customization and of functionality think for simplify the daily experience from smartphone. In particular, i new widgets allow to organize with simplicity the home screen e to ease then access to main features. Added to this is the possibility of customize further the home screen with slideshows created with images from your own albums, as well as set reminders, to monitor the habits O sketch quickly ideas e note with stickers of your favorite color.

Vivo Funtouch OS 12: the new update available

Check your privacy settings

Funtouch OS 12 is based on the latest operating system Android 12publicly released last October, and conjugates experience appreciated many times of Android with new featuresincluding the safety improvement of the system and of the privacy with a consequent more control by the users on own data. For example, within the Privacy settings, the user can decide which apps can log into a microphone e camera phone: in this case Funtouch OS 12 exhibition the icon of a microphone or one camera When one of the twoO both of them, I’m in use. The update exhibition also to users such as applications they have had access to camera, microphone or location in last 24 hours and makes it easier to manage the permissions of each app directly.

Finally, i advanced controls on the location allow to the user of to decide I know supply to apps their own exact location or that approximate.

Vivo Funtouch OS 12: the new update available

Vivo Funtouch OS 12: among the first brands to distribute the update to Android 12

Funtouch OS 12 si base your android 12 and vivo announced that the full range of products sold in Europe will receive the update ad Android 12. The company was among the first producers a to introduce the last version of the Google operating system in their smartphones in Europe and the installation of the operating system is started in late January e it will continue until April.

Specifically: X60 Pro and V21 5G were the early models that have received Android 12 at the end of January 2022. Y21 and Y72 5G will be updated approximately one month later X60 Pro and V21 5G. Finally X51 5G, Y33s, Y21s, Y70, Y20s, Y11s will be updated starting from the end of April 2022.

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