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vivo V23 5G, Y76 5G e X80 Pro 5G: smartphone per il back to school

The back to school is ever closer and alive offers us three ideal smartphones, V23 5G, Y76 5G and X80 Pro 5G, designed for students and workers

Advanced performance, reliable battery and state-of-the-art camera system – that’s how smartphones are V23 5G, Y76 5G e X80 Pro 5G from vivo, the fifth smartphone manufacturer in the world, are able to support users in everyday life where the smartphone is the protagonist in more and more contexts. Whether it’s students struggling with the choice of their first smartphone, workers returning to the office or simply users who need to change smartphones, vivo suggests three smartphones of different typeseach of which integrates different characteristics.

Let’s take a look at vivo V23 5G, Y76 5G and X80 Pro 5G

Designed for selfie lovers and for those who are very attentive to the design of their smartphone, vivo V23 5G is equipped with a 50 MP front camera with autofocus and a camera 8MP 105 ° super wide angle. In support of these integrates the Dual Tone Spotlight: a system consisting of four LED lights on the front of the smartphone that are activated and deactivated in manual or automatic mode and also allow you to customize the atmosphere and brightness of the photo quickly.

So selfies and video calls will be bright even in the dark. The version Sunshine Gold of vivo V23 5G was also built with a rear body in photochromic glass which changes color when exposed to the ultraviolet frequencies of daylight passing from warm golden tones to shades of blue-green tones.

vivo V23 5G, Y76 5G e X80 Pro 5G: smartphone per il back to school

Elegant and with one thickness of only 7.79 mm, Y76 5G is the smartphone for those who pay attention to the price-performance ratio without sacrificing the quality of the main technical features. Y76 5G is equipped with a advanced 50MP rear camera, Multi-Turbo system which optimizes network usage, advanced gaming performance and heat dissipation. The long-lasting battery from 4100 mAh and technology alive FlashCharge da 44 Walso make the Y76 5G a reliable smartphone even in case of intense use throughout the day.

vivo V23 5G, Y76 5G e X80 Pro 5G: smartphone per il back to school

vivo X80 Pro is the latest smartphone presented by vivo that boasts a state-of-the-art photographic system co-engineered with ZEISS and integrates several new features that can elevate the mobile photography experience. One of the most interesting new features of the X80 Pro is certainly the function ZEISS Cinematic Video Bokeh which creates an oval blur in 2.39: 1 cinematic format, thus allowing you to record incredibly expressive videos of high aesthetic quality.

Il vapor chamber cooling system and a broad 3D ultrasonic fingerprint reader guarantee users a truly innovative experience. In particular, the second innovation guarantees one of the fastest unlocks in the mobile sector, in just 0.2 seconds; In fact, thanks to the 11.1 times larger recognition area than traditional in-display fingerprint readers, the overall unlocking experience is significantly improved.

vivo V23 5G, Y76 5G e X80 Pro 5G: smartphone per il back to school

vivo V23 5G, Y76 5G e X80 Pro 5G are available for purchase respectively at the price of 549 €, 329 € e 1.299 €. In short, vivo has the smartphone suitable for every need. What do you think of these small technological discoveries? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news relating to the universe of mobile devices, continue to follow the pages of everything!

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