vivo x80 Pro: the report of our first impressions

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The new is finally arriving in Europe vivo X80 Pro. A new high-end smartphone for the company, which sees a solid partnership with ZEISSone of the largest global players in the field of optics, to offer a superior photographic experience. We left for Berlin to be able to test it in a very special launch.

A different presentation for vivo X80 Pro

Journalists from all over Italy (and Europe) flocked to Berlin to find out all about this new vivo product. The appointment was at Zeiss-Großplanetariumthe famous museum and planetarium of the German capital, the starting point of the shipment destined to introduce us to this new smartphone.

The idea behind it was to create an experience different from the traditional ones, less institutional and more interactive. The classic moment of presentation from the stage was in fact very short and was immediately followed by a in-depth course on the development of vivo X80 Proin particular in its photographic sector, which saw the involvement of ZEISS as we said in the introduction.

Stage after stage we were able to understand how deep it was the research work to be able to obtain an optimal result. Not only that, but we could get started test some of the features or see direct examples of their use.

For example, we were able to appreciate the importance of treatment ZEISS T* coating, which envelops the smartphone lenses, greatly improving light transmission and counteracting the flare effect. All with the help of concrete examples that showed how much the shot could change with a camera so treated, in different lighting conditions.

Or we could see the potential ofbokeh effect, even easier to use. Thanks to a special algorithm, we have the possibility to easily modify the photo even after shooting, managing the intensity of the background blur at will. All with a truly exceptional yield.

But it’s time to actually get your hands on the vivo X80 Pro…

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At this point, after a demonstration of the truly amazing speed of the 3D ultrasonic fingerprint readeras well as other functions related to it, the long-awaited moment has come: our turn to put your fingers over the vivo X80 Pro. Operators in white coats took out some briefcases and finally handed us the smartphone to be able to try it firsthand.

The route then continued through different sets, in which we were able to test the different features of the camera. Along this article you can find some of the shots collected along the way, where you can see the effect of, for example night modeincreasingly present and increasingly useful even for those who make a non-professional use of these tools.

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vivo x80 pro first impressions berlin techprincess 02 1A quick test of Portrait mode

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vivo x80 pro first impressions berlin techprincess 04b 1The difference between a traditional shot and using the vivo x80 Pro night mode

vivo x80 pro first impressions berlin techprincess 05 1The fascinated gaze towards the sky of the planetarium, in a selfie test with night mode

Particularly impressive was the space dedicated to optical stabilization system cameras. On the one hand a vivo X80 Pro hooked to a wheel, on the other a screen that retransmitted the smartphone display. Despite the attempts, rotating the smartphone, however, the shot remained absolutely stable.

Whether it is in particularly extreme conditions or simply to counter a not particularly steady hand, it therefore seems that this smartphone can greatly improve our videos. A function that will be interesting to explore in detail, as well as the many others that characterize this vivo model.

From Berlin directly to Hollywood

Among the various features particularly celebrated live on this X80 Pro stands out the new ZEISS Cinematic Video Bokeh mode. This is a function that can be activated in a few moments, which recreates the effect of cinematic anamorphic lenses, with an oval blur in 2.39: 1 format. Which, outside of the more technical data, means that our videos will look like real movies.

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vivo x80 pro first impressions berlin techprincess 11

vivo x80 pro first impressions berlin techprincess 10

vivo x80 pro first impressions berlin techprincess 09

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To demonstrate this, an experience was set up that hit directly to the heart of the writer. A trio of actors and dancers recreated a tribute to some of the most iconic sequences of Damien Chazelle’s La La Land. All right in the planetarium room, exactly like in the film. Sure, in that case it was Los Angeles and not Berlin, but we assure you that the yield was exceptional.

Exactly as the yield was exceptional of the mode to be tested. Having overcome the emotion (which then required yet another rewatch of the film in the evening), we stayed really impressed from the result of this function. For a few minutes we too felt like Chazelle and we are sure that with more experience the effect can give an even more spectacular result.

And speaking of show, our expedition ended with the projection (naturally with ZEISS instruments) on the big screen of a journey into the cosmos. Again we were able to try the vivo X80 Pro camera, with some shots of the night sky even if only simulated.

In short, what is this vivo X80 Pro like?

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Of course to give a concrete answer to this question further investigation will be required. In the next few days we will tell you in detail what we think of this smartphone in our classic review, after having carried out all the necessary tests.

Sure is that this first contact with vivo X80 Pro it was definitely positive. In the time of use, the response has always been exceptional and the speed and convenience of the new fingerprint reader is particularly surprising.

On the photographic side then really nothing to complain. Whether it was shots or videos, the result was always more than satisfactory, without the need for special setting adjustments or additional equipment. The impression is that with a few more tricks and making the most of the different modes the vivo X80 Pro can really give great satisfactions.

First impression quindi definitely positive, as is to be expected from a phone of this level. If you are curious to know more, keep following us so as not to miss our in-depth review!

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