Vivo X90 Pro: the new top of the range arrives in Europe | Price

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Vivo presents X90 Pro in Europe: the new smartphone of the X series with an increasingly innovative and professional photographic sector

alive announces the European launch of X90 Pro: the new top-of-the-range smartphone characterized by an excellent photographic sector. The third generation smartphone, born from the international partnership between vivo and ZEISS, offers extraordinary imaging capabilities as well as improved performance. Among the technical specifications and various features stand out the largest imaging sensor ever made and the new imaging chip alive V2 for image processing with which vivo aims to strengthen its leadership in smartphone imaging.

We are excited to enrich, also in Europe, the X series also known for a cutting-edge photographic sector. The new vivo X90 Pro combines extraordinary industry-leading imaging technologies co-engineered with ZEISS, with the latest processing techniques developed both in-house and in collaboration with MediaTek, to meet and exceed some of the most demanding challenges in photography and videography modern.

– Vincent Xi, President of vivo Italia.

The boundaries of mobile imaging are currently shifting dramatically: good image quality has become the most important factor to consider in smartphone photography. At the same time, the latest flagship devices launched on the market, such as the vivo X90 Pro, allow users to take photos as if using a professional-grade camera. Hardware and software work together, supported by artificial intelligence, to provide users with a tool capable of taking professional shots without the need for solid photography knowledge or dedicated equipment.

Oliver Schindelbeck, Senior Smartphone Technology Manager, ZEISS Consumer Products.

Vivo X90 Pro: the new top of the range arrives in Europe |  Price

Vivo X90 Pro: Powerful imaging performance – a big advance

X90 Pro, born out of the vivo ZEISS Global Imaging partnership, features a new triple main camera setupwhich significantly increases light sensitivity, natural color processing and image stabilization, for an intuitive shooting experience that gives professionals and novices alike the ability to capture extraordinary moments.

The protagonist of this innovation is the custom imaging sensor IMX989 1 inch. Compared to other 1-inch sensor devices, the 50-megapixel main camera offers a large f/1.75 aperture and 3.2μm large pixels in a 4-in-1 configuration, which allows more light to be absorbed per pixel, resulting in clearer, sharper images. L’photosensitive area of the sensor was increased by 77% compared to the previous model, vivo X80 Pro, with a increase from the absorption capacity of light until 43%.

Then comes the 50-megapixel portrait camera, with a 50mm fixed-focus setup. Behind the lens sits an IMX758 sensor, with an aperture of f/1.6, allowing you to capture extremely detailed portraits, even in low light. Building on the acclaimed portrait capabilities of its predecessor, the new device brings the even higher quality of a portrait camera right into the pocket of every vivo X90 Pro user.

Complete the photographic sector 108-degree ultra-low-distortion ultra-wide anglewith a 12-megapixel Sony IMX663 sensor and f/2.0 aperture, which allows you to get extraordinary shots even when you are very close to the subject.

The X90 Pro model introduces a custom optical image stabilization (OIS) technology developed by vivo, which enables it to be more intelligently and precisely corrected than the standard OIS, thanks to which it achieves CIPA level 4 image stabilization , which indicates a professional configuration level.

Vivo X90 Pro: Professional camera features for day and night use

The new vivo X90 Pro boasts not only updated sensors, but also a custom imaging chip alive V2, equipped with self-developed AI algorithms. Also, it features ZEISS optics with T* Coatingwhich further enhance night photography and astrophotography capabilities making the new X90 Pro an outstanding and versatile tool for taking pictures.

Hardware and software advances allow the new X90 Pro to record 4K video in low light conditions, ensuring greater clarity even at high ISO settings, thanks to the noise reduction algorithm. Those who want to photograph starry skies will be able to take extremely sharp shots thanks to the AI Night View mode and without the need for supports, thanks to the modality Handheld Astro.

ZEISS Natural Color 2.0

The X90 Pro model is also equipped with the feature ZEISS Natural Color 2.0further refined by vivo and ZEISS to ensure greater authenticity and accuracy in color rendering, making shots even more similar to what the naked eye sees.

Another important feature, possible thanks to the imaging system co-engineered with ZEISS, is the Zero-Shutter-Lag Motion Snapshot, which makes motion capture easier than ever. The zero second delay allows users to capture the image exactly as they see it, not missing a second of key moments, even in low light conditions. In Sport and Night Sport modes, the combination of the high-speed shutter and motion detection algorithm instantly freeze frames, keeping any fast-moving subject sharp.

Finally, thanks to the 1-inch sensor, the smartphone allows you to use creative effects developed by vivo and ZEISS, such as the ZEISS Cine-flare Portraitwhich simulates the flare effect used in many famous movies or the ZEISS Miniature Effect for the capture of miniature cityscapes which consists in thereby reproducing a small portion of the landscape, creating the illusion of a miniature scene without the need for post-editing.

Recharge up to 50% in just over 8 minutes

The new X90 Pro supports the function Dual-Cell FlashCharge da 120W which, paired with a 4870mAh battery, improves both charging speed and battery life. X90 Pro also supports the important function Wireless FlashCharge da 50 Wintroduced with the X80 Pro.

The new X90 Pro offers two charging modes: fast and balanced. In fast charging, X90 Pro can be charged to 50% in 8 minutes 10 seconds. The balanced mode, on the other hand, is ideal for daily charging and takes just 29 minutes to bring the battery to 100%. In addition, the device features 24-dimensional safety protection and TÜV Rheinland Safe Fast-Charge System certification to ensure charging safety.

Vivo X90 Pro: the new top of the range arrives in Europe |  Price

Vivo X90 Pro: A powerful and ideal device for intensive use

The new X90 Pro is a top-of-the-line device equipped with dual-chip imaging. The powerful processor is supported by a dual chipset configuration – the main chip is one MediaTek Dimension 9200 mobile platform, coupled with the vivo V2 chip, which allows the device to reach an AnTuTu Benchmark score in the order of 1.26 million. The equipment is completed by a 12GB LPDDR5X memory and 256GB UFS 4.0 storage, powered by vivo Extended RAMwhich adds another 8GB of virtual memory, and from UFS Deep Defragmentation, which offers hassle-free multitasking and data processing.

The entire front of the device is occupied by one 6.78 inch screen, which offers immersive display effects and advanced eye protection. The display, in fact, is made with a new luminescent material that greatly reduces blue light. High-frequency pulse-width modulation, up to 2160 Hz, drastically reduces screen flickering and, thanks to precision dimming, display brightness can be adjusted at any time to suit external lighting conditions, always ensuring better vision.

The system of next generation vapor chamber cooling it is able to keep the temperature of the components that work more intensely under control. There 24-layer cooling structure, increased by more than a third compared to the previous model, covers an area of ​​4,002 square mm. Additionally, an innovative case design reduces heat transfer from the CPU to the device chassis, keeping the areas where your hands touch the phone up to 2°C cooler in high-usage situations, especially when held in place. horizontal, for example during gaming sessions.

Vivo X90 Pro: the new top of the range arrives in Europe |  Price

Vivo X90 Pro: ZEISS Natural Color Display: True-to-life colors on screen

For the first time, you can set the screen display mode ZEISS Natural Color Display instead of the default one, to avoid that the colors of the image are somehow modified by the display. Today, in fact, every display of vivo X90 Pro is calibrated to ensure that the color rendering of the screen closely corresponds to what the human eye sees.

For streaming and gaming lovers, the large curved screen of X90 Pro is capable of 1.07 billion colors and 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, ensuring clear and natural colors. Also, the display supports HDR10+ and boasts certifications for SGS low blue light, reduced motion blur and flicker, as well as AI low blue light, as well as a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, ideal for gaming.

X90 Pro is also equipped with a dual stereo speaker, an X-Axis linear motor for an even more immersive audiovisual experience and a rich tactile feeling for top-level gaming sessions.

Vivo X90 Pro: Unique design and pleasant user experience

X90 Pro comes with a bold new design inspired by the Fibonacci spiral to offer a harmonious and unique look. On the back cover at vegan leather, soft to the touch and resistant to stains, a horizontal band has been introduced, called Skyline, to clearly divide the functional zones. The sectional design balances the visual focus, making the camera module a design hallmark.

Inspired by the style of professional cameras, the new X90 Pro integrates the three rear cameras into a single “Big Eye”. Thanks to the Corning Gorilla Glass and the ultra-resistant coating on the surface, the overall hardness of the glass lens reaches the value 6 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, for greater robustness and resistance to drops and scratches. X90 Pro has an IP68 certification for water and dust resistance.

The display of X90 Pro is protected by the latest protective glass SCHOTT Xensation® Up. This chemically strengthened lithium aluminosilicate glass helps to…

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