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VMWare cyber attack in Italy and around the world: IT security expert Marco Lucchina talks about it

An extensive and automated has occurred in the last few hours VMWare cyber attack unleashed by cyber-criminals all over the world, including Italy, which affected VMWare ESXi systems. But the extent of this event and above all the consequences are still to be clarified.

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Cybersecurity expert comments on global VMWare cyberattack

Marco LucchinaChannel Manager Italy, Spain and Portugal of Quitecomments on the VMWare hack.
“Through monitoring with Open Source Intelligence tools – the same ones used by the attackers – to date we have identified 44 compromised companies in Italy and another 404 potentially compromised. The remainder are mainly systems hosted by service providers (typical of these campaigns) as they are unmanaged and sometimes even forgotten systems. Furthermore, some of these potential targets are certainly honeypots, a system or hardware or software component used as a “trap” or “bait” used to observe the attack mechanism from the inside and obtain the appropriate IoCs – Indicators of compromise -” .

Furthermore, for Marco Lucchina, the alarm was raised in way “excessive”, triggering panic without any context information. The expert continues: “An infodemic situation has arisen: last night we received dozens of requests for intervention without any valid reason. We had been observing the unfolding of the attack for several days and, in recent years, we have had to face even more dangerous ones”.

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Finally, according to Marco Lucchina: “It must be considered that most of the companies targeted were unable to have a structured approach to the incident, as they do not have adequate monitoring solutions for their systems.”

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