Vodafone and Iliad ready for union in Italy?

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The telecommunications group Iliad is arguing with Vodafone the possibility of one merger of telephone activities in Italy. Together the two companies could take thel 36% of the mobile telephony market in our country, with only TIM and Wind Tre as rivals (even if other operators rely on the networks of these three).

Vodafone and Iliad ready to merge their telephone operations in Italy

From 2018 Iliad made its debut on the Italian market with a series of mobile offers that are particularly affordable in terms of price, with the aim of carving out a growing slice of the smartphone market. And it has succeeded: today it counts 7,7% of mobile customers in our country.

However, Reuters reports that the French firm is seeking a business merger with UK-based Vodafone, which holds 28.5% of the market. The agreement could also lead to a “ceasefire” in the price war which has seen truly advantageous offers for customers, but reduced operator margins.

In the meantime, however, Iliad has not let its aspirations in the Italian market fade, far from it. In fact tomorrow January 25 should also present its offers for fixed telephony and optical fiber in our country.

However, neither Vodafone nor Iliad wanted to comment on the speculations that they want them ready for an imminent merger.

This morning, instead, the CEO of Tim Pietro Labriaola instead he specified that “In the coming weeks we will continue the development of the industrial plan, and for the 2nd of March we will present the new industrial plan, the plan of the new Tim. I count with all of you and I am sure that, together, as we have already said, we are able to do many things “.

Between these news and the recent announcement of the new Fastweb plan, the world of telecommunications seems to be truly in turmoil. We will keep you updated for more news.

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