Vodafone and mobile experience awards in the Opensignal report

Vodafone e i premi per l'esperienza mobile nel report di Opensignal thumbnail

In the Report di Opensignal on the experience of the mobile network, Vodafone distinguishes itself by obtaining all five national awards for Overall Experience and both awards for User Experience Consistency.

Opensignal rewards Vodafone’s mobile experience

According to the mobile network analysis company, Vodafone users have the highest consistency in Italy, With the’81.8% of tests carried out by Vodafone users who exceed the minimum thresholds performance indicated for the most used and demanding applications. Such as watching HD video, as measured by the Excellent Consistent Quality metric. Vodafone therefore wins the awards for consistency Excellent Consistent Quality e Core Consistent Quality for the third time in a row. The only winner since Opensignal launched the two awards.

Vodafone users have the faster overall download and upload speed. Indeed, Vodafone gets the prizes Download Speed Experience e Upload Speed Experience. Vodafone users record the fastest average download speedpari a 37,2 Mbps and see an overall average upload speed of 11 Mbps.

Vodafone network users also have excellent video streaming in Italy. This is the fifth consecutive mobile network experience report where Vodafone achieves the Video Experience award for Italy, with a score of 68.8 points on a 100-point scale.

Vodafone ranks first on three of the five parameters considered (Gaming experience, with voice apps, loading speed) to evaluate the overall user experience 5G.

Collected data – This Opensignal report is based on real data collected over the 90 daysi from 1 January 2023 to 31 March 2023 to compare the mobile network experience between national operators.