Vodafone brings 5G to 1,500 small municipalities: 2,500 by 2023

Vodafone brings 5G to 1,500 small municipalities: 2,500 by 2023

Guarantee the same connectivity in small municipalities as in large cities thanks to ultra-broadband. This is the goal of Vodafone, which announces that its own FWA 5G technology is now available in 1,500 municipalities throughout Italywith the goal of 2,500 by March 2023.

After all, in a period of strong digital push, from payments to the hyper-connected ecosystems of our homes, the economy of a municipality, be it remote, also passes through connectivity.

“Small municipalities that will thus be able to benefit from a level of service comparable to that of large cities, to give all citizens and companies the same connection possibilities, wherever they are: from large cities to small towns, up to the most remote parts of the country ”reads a press release from the company.

Vodafone FWA 5G: the Voucher Plan for Businesses

The FWA 5G service guarantees a speeds up to 300 Mbps for individualswhile for small and medium-sized businesses it is available with speed up to 500 Mbps. Professionals will also be able to benefit from the connectivity vouchers provided by the Business Voucher Plan promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development.

“The digitization accelerated by the pandemic has changed the behavior of citizens, making access to ultra-broadband an essential condition of citizenship – he says Gianluca Pasquali, Consumer Director of Vodafone Italia. By bringing our high quality connectivity to more than 3 million homes with FWA 5G technology by next March, we want to give a new powerful tool in the hands of citizens and a tangible contribution to unite the country through digital “.