Vorwerk launches the new VR7s Kobold robot vacuum cleaner

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Vorwerk presents the new VR7s Kobold Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which thus completes the cordless VK7s Kobold modular cleaning system

Both the VR7s Kobold Robot Vacuum Cleaner and the VK7s Kobold Cleaning System integrate perfectly and are housed in a convenient and single charging unit.

Vorwerk launches the new VR7s Kobold robot vacuum cleaner

Time saving above all, but with maximum performance

The new VR7s Kobold Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect solution for all those who wish optimize the time dedicated to house cleaning.

Firstly, the new charging and emptying base offers great freedom for a long time, as without any intervention the robot will always be charged and automatically empty the dirt container. The cleaning performance is at the highest level: thanks to the new efficient and silent fancapable of generating a high flow of air, at the main brush – the longest on the market – and to the lateral one, the Robot Kobold VR7s is able to carry out even the most difficult cleaning jobs.

Finally, the proven “D” shape and its practical and slim design allow the VR7s Kobold robot to remove dust everywhere: from carpets, in the most remote corners of the house or under furniture.

The Kobold VR7s robot vacuum cleaner offers a ultra powerful deep cleaningregardless of floor area, with a Dust Pickup Rate (DPU) of 93% on hardwood and 60% on carpet.

The AUTO Mode allows the VR7s Kobold robot to identify the type of floor, optimizing cleaning performance and operating time.

This adaptive suction power works in tandem with the robot’s practical “D” shape to maximize the coverage of the area to be cleaned with each battery charge, without compromising flawless cleaning performance.

And especially, Folletto VR7s works independently. The combination of the latest optical technologies make the VR7s Kobold Robot Vacuum Cleaner an intelligent system capable of safely and efficiently navigating customers’ homes and cleaning all types of floors without the need for assistance. The user interface is highly intuitive and Folletto VR7s adapts to different lifestyles and cleaning needs.

Furthermore, the Robot Vacuum Cleaner VR7s integrates perfectly into the modular cordless cleaning system Kobold VK7s: takes care of the continuous and rigorous cleaning of the house every day even in the absence of those who live there, who will thus be able to optimize the weekly time dedicated to cleaning with the help of the Kobold VK7s, its accessories and the Pulilava for washing floors, as well as for the ‘special tasks’ of cleaning textiles, mattresses, furniture and airborne areas of the home or outdoors.

Vorwerk launches the new VR7s Kobold robot vacuum cleaner

A perfect navigation system, even in the dark

The multi-zone cleaning, rapid space mapping and intelligent obstacle avoidance – all navigation functions of the VR7s Kobold Robot Vacuum Cleaner based on laser technologies and time-of-flight sensors – ensure that the greatest cleaning power is directed where it is needed.

Indeed, Kobold VR7s uses the LiDAR navigation technology to scan the room, determine distances and orient yourself in the environment.

The four bumpers at the front of the robot serve to get as close as possible to surrounding objects without risking damaging them. An additional wall tracking sensor ensures that the VR7s Kobold robot approaches the walls as smoothly as possible, thus ensuring optimal cleaning of corners and baseboards.

Furthermore, to ensure navigation as safe as possible, the VR7s Kobold Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with four fall sensors which continuously check if the robot is near a high drop, thus preventing it from falling and getting damaged.

The latest news is the object rejection system, which uses a time-of-flight sensor (ToF) in front to accurately measure distances between the robot and objects in front of it that are more likely to block it, such as cables or drapes of fabric (like socks).

Unlike normal RGB cameras, which have difficulties in low light conditions, this ToF sensor works in any light condition: in this way the VR7s Kobold robot can avoid obstacles and keep surfaces clean at any time of day or night .

Vorwerk launches the new VR7s Kobold robot vacuum cleaner

Exceptional cleaning performance and maximum battery life

The VR7s Kobold Robot Vacuum Cleaner offers high cleaning performance thanks to its V-shaped main brush, the longest of its kind at 26.3 cm. This innovative design solution pushes the dirt towards the centre, where the suction channel opens and where the air speed is maximum, in order to suck up coarse dirt more effectively. In addition, the extra-long brush format allows you to cover a greater surface area, while a short bristle side brush and its position near the edge of the “D” shaped head, ensure that corners and edges remain clean.

The second suction channel of the VR7s Kobold robot, which offers even higher suction air speed, is positioned just behind the main brush. This position has been deliberately chosen to collect all loose dirt from the brushes and fine dust deep in the carpet fibres.

The optimal cleaning settings for the floor type are selected by the robot without the user having to do anything. The AUTO Mode recognizes the type of floor, and automatically switches from ECO mode on hard floors to MAX turbo mode on carpets, increasing the suction power of the fan and increasing the speed of the main brush from 800 rpm to an impressive 1800 rpm .

Thanks to her high capacity lithium ion batterythe VR7s Kobold Robot Vacuum Cleaner has an autonomy of 140 minutes on hard floors in ECO mode, which is equivalent to a cleaning area of ​​80m² (depending on the furniture and floor types).

Leprechaun VR7s automatically returns to the RB7s charging and emptying base when the battery runs out. Once recharged (takes about 3.5-4 hours to fully recharge the battery), it continues cleaning where it left off.

A higher degree of hygiene

While vacuuming the floors, the new Kobold Robot Vacuum Cleaner VR7s collects all the dust in the house and seals it in the integrated container. The commitment to hygiene becomes evident once the Leprechaun VR7s has finished its cleaning routine and returned to its charging base.

Users can choose between two solutions: the dual Kobold PC7 chargerintended exclusively for recharging the Kobold VR7, or the RB7 Kobold Charging and Emptying Basewhich not only recharges the robot, but also forcefully pulls the sucked dirt from the VR7s dust container into the HEPA filter bag, hygienic and TÜV certified for allergies.

Users will only need to change the filter bag every 2-3 months (depending on the size of the house and the frequency of vacuuming). The capacity of the Leprechaun Filter Bag is 2.2 litres.

The RB7 charging and emptying base always monitors the status of the filter bag thanks to a pressure sensor and notifies the user when it is full.

Il automatic emptying process it is very powerful: from small and fine dust to large and voluminous particles, everything is sucked up and disposed of without problems or spills. Users can set the frequency and activation of dirt vacuuming as they wish, thanks to the Kobold App.

In addition, they always have the option of activating manual extraction by pressing a button. Both bases have been designed to take up minimal space (only 300 mm against the competition’s over 400 mm) and have a beautiful and versatile design, so that they can be considered an element of the furniture of the house.

Kobold App

Thanks to the Folletto App, users can schedule cleaning at times that are convenient for them e set up virtual off-limit zones to prevent the VR7s Kobold robot from entering prohibited areas.

All users have to do is carry out the process of recognizing the devices via Bluetooth with the Kobold App, which will guide them in setting up the Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to the Kobold VR7s Wi-Fi connectivity, the Kobold App allows you to configure, use and control the Kobold VR7s robot vacuum cleaner like a smart device, completely remotely.

Finally, the Kobold App helps the Kobold VR7s Robot Vacuum Cleaner to perform at its best by interacting with users when it is necessary to replace maintenance items, such as cleaning brushes or motor filters.

The Kobold App is compatible with most standard smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android operating systems.

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