Voyager 4300 UC: here are the new Poly headphones. Born for smart working

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Voyager 4300 UC: the new headset presented by Poly arrives on the market to meet the needs of those who have now made “agile work” a lifestyle.

Voyager 4300 UC: features and functionality

In light of the changing work dynamics, the new Voyager 4300 UC series offers a wireless headset that allows those who use it to move around without problems, being able to move away up to 50 meters from your computer. In addition, it provides audio of high quality and multiple connectivity options; all at a very affordable price. The Voyager 4300 UC headsets connect to a smartphone and computer simultaneously via the included BT700 USB adapter to provide the flexibility every worker needs throughout the day.

In addition, users can securely manage one of the most important remote meeting commands: the mute function. This headset, in fact, is equipped with an easy-to-access MUTE button, which allows you to avoid the annoyances caused by the underlying noises. At the same time, the dynamic mute alert function alerts users if they speak when the audio is muted, so it is impossible to start a conversation without being overheard.

The Voyager 4300 UC series is prepared to work with all UC platforms. The Microsoft Teams certified version has a Teams-specific button on the headset that allows instant access to the application, as well as providing visual alerts when a Teams notification is received. To deliver perfect meetings at all times, the Voyager 4300 UC series headphones are also Zoom certified. and include remote call control and mute synchronization functions to simplify the way you connect.

  • Ease of installation and use both at home and in the office, without the need for help from the IT support team;
  • Designed to be used all day and with a range of up to 50 meters, these headphones allow those who use them to move freely and away from their desk during calls;
  • The new series is available in both monaural and binaural stereo versions;
  • The Voyager Office Stand Base is an optional accessory available for those who use desk phones. Alternatively, you can choose the Voyager 4300 UC docking station that keeps the headphones always charged and ready to use (sold separately and is also compatible with Voyager Focus 2 headphones)

Voyager 4300 UC: the pursuit of near-perfect audio quality

At home or in the office, the Voyager 4300 UC series delivers truly high audio quality. Poly’s Acoustic Fence technology blocks background noise to allow anyone on the other end of the call to hear only the speaker’s voice. Poly’s SoundGuard Digital technology ensures a safer and more comfortable audio experience without altering the natural sound of the voice, to provide an excellent audio experience for all who join a call.

John Lamarque, Vice President and General Manager of Poly’s Voice Collaboration & Professional Headset Division, said, “Over the past 18 months we have seen the demand for flexible, reliable and affordable solutions for professionals working remotely or in the office grow dramatically. The Voyager 4300 UC series combines high quality audio, freedom of movement, comfort and connectivity all day, wherever you work. “

According to the latest Frost & Sullivan study, the global market for professional unified communications (UC) Bluetooth headsets grew 88.2 percent in 2020 to $ 591.6 million. “As companies and employees face a hybrid business future, it is imperative that they have the right communication tools to run their business,” he said. Alaa Saayed, director of ICT and member of Frost and Sullivan’s Connected Work. He adds: “Poly’s Voyager 4300 UC series offers a great combination of flexibility, connectivity and high quality audio at a very affordable price.”

Prices and availability

The Voyager 4300 UC series is part of the award-winning Voyager range of Bluetooth headsets and is already available starting at € 197.95. For more information on these new devices, please visit: Voyager 4300 UC Series.

In addition, there is a “customer care” identified in Poly Lens which includes a support service for professional devices for personal use, offers a two-year limited warranty and access to Poly’s standard support service. For added peace of mind, the Poly + paid subscription service is available, offering 24/7 technology support for professional personal devices around the world, plus a three-year warranty.

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