Vueling uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve aircraft maintenance

Vueling usa l’intelligenza artificiale e il machine learning per migliorare la manutenzione degli aerei thumbnail

Vuelingan IAG group company, has adopted predictive technology “Skywise Predictive Maintenance” di Airbus as part of the process digitalization of aircraft maintenance. The objective is to anticipate and plan the extraordinary maintenance of the fleet more in advance, thus achieving greater optimization of operations.

Vueling’s project on new aircraft maintenance

In the last few years Vueling has succeeded in creating an AI-powered ecosystem to address key challenges in maintenance operational efficiency. Focusing on this strategy, the project took off with the massive digitization of aircraft and engine data.

It is a process that allows you to improve maintenance planning, optimize the execution of scheduled activities and synchronize the plans, capacity and availability of the fleet for the execution of maintenance activities. All this with real-time control of ongoing maintenance interventions, thus obtaining much more precise management.

Airbus’ “Skywise Predictive Maintenance” technology

Now the company takes another step in this digital transformation process with the integration of Airbus “Skywise Predictive Maintenance” technology, which allows you to monitor the status of aircraft with the airline’s internal data models, thus generating predictive alerts for aircraft maintenance. In this way, the airline has a greater ability to optimize its operations by anticipating, through machine learning, unscheduled maintenance events or other unexpected needs.

The Airbus solution represents the first project promoted by the Airbus Digital Alliance – which includes Delta TechOps, General Electric and Airbus – and combines different predictive maintenance algorithms. In this way, Vueling has already incorporated into 53 aircraft a technology that covers a wide range of aircraft components and engines produced by various manufacturers and which constitutes a proven predictive maintenance system with more than 200 algorithms covering different aircraft systems.

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