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Vulnerability discovered in Google Pixels

A vulnerability in Google Pixel smartphones could compromise users’ most confidential information. Especially since the much-used Markup function for editing photos is at the heart of the problem. Which Google has however fixed with a patch.

Google Pixel, vulnerability discovered

Who used the Markup function to edit photos on the Pixels, he risked being exposed to a serious security problem. Because a vulnerability allowed hackers to roll back the changes and access sensitive data that you had hidden.

The Markup function allows di retouch images by deleting or covering elements such as credit card numbers, IDs, or faces. However, due to a vulnerability called “acropalypse” discovered by researchers Simon Aarons e David Buchanan, these changes were not permanent. And, in fact, they could easily be removed by anyone who received or downloaded your photos.

google pixel 6a IO 2022 min

The vulnerability was about all Pixel models from version 3 to 7 and was present from Android 9 Pie. Google has released una patch in its March update, but only for Pixel 4a and newer devices, leaving older ones exposed.

This means that those who have shared their Markup-edited photos through channels that maintain image metadata, such as Discord (which only fixed the problem in mid-January 2023), may have unintentionally given access to personal data to malicious people. However, most platforms use additional layers of security.

How can you protect yourself from this vulnerability? If you have a Pixel device updated to the latest version available, you shouldn’t have any problems. If, on the other hand, you have a model prior to 4a or have not yet installed the March update, it is better to update immediately. Or alternatively use another Markup editing app.

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