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Wacom One, must-have displays and graphics tablets from Wacom

Wacoma pioneer and leader in digital pen technologies, announces the launch of its new product line Wacom One, which consists in two interactive displays and two graphics tablets which come with a wide choice of software and in-depth tutorials with which to customize them. Hallmarks of the range: the customizable pen with 7 color combinations and the first interactive display in this category to be equipped with multi-touch.

Wacom One, two pen displays and two graphics tablets

Building on Wacom’s 40 years of experience in creative for consumers, professionals and businesses, i new Wacom One devices for pen input are tailor-made to meet the needs and expectations of beginning artists and anyone who wants to improve their productivity or simply wants to experience the pleasure and benefits of using a pen in the digital world.

Wacom One, the perfect tool for everyone

The Wacom product line is all about choice and customization. The range consists of graphics tablets Wacom One S e Wacom One M and interactive pen displays Wacom One 12e Wacom One 13 touch.

I interactive display they have a glass screen of 11.6″ and 13.3″ respectively, a Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 with 99% sRGB and low parallax, thanks to the optical bonding of the screens which ensures more control and precision . The 13 touch is the first pen display in the compact entry-level category to feature 10-finger multi-touch, allowing users to access a whole new dimension of intuitive interactions.

Wacom One S and M tablets

Wacom One S and M are the first instead pen tablets entry-level with 4K pressure sensitivity and tilt support to create handwriting effects. The customizable pen has 2 side buttons for increased productivity and is available in various color combinations. Shared UD technology not only allows you to use the same pen with all products in the line, but also ensures device compatibility with some pens from the most popular stationery brands that support use with Wacom, such as Staedtler (display only new Wacom), LAMY or Dr. Grip according to personal preferences, a real novelty in the graphics tablet segment.

The pen tablets and pen displays of the new Wacom products are very versatile: all are compatible with Windows, macOS, Android e Chrome OS and in many cases a Plug and Play connection with a single USB-C cable is enough to connect them. If required, optional HDMI cables are also available and, in addition, the Wacom One S and M tablets also feature Bluetooth connectivity. The slim design (the thickness of the displays is only 11.5 mm and the tablets is 7.9 mm) and the minimized weight of all four devices make the entire Wacom One line a great solution in terms of transport and optimization of the overall dimensions.

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Il Wacom Adventure Program

This is so much more than just a line of pen devices. In the Wacom eStore each user can customize their user experience: artists, for example, can find accessories ranging from pens of different colors to cables and supports or other elements. In addition, users have access to 16 software from various creative and non-creative fields. This is part of Wacom Adventure Programa complete guide with more than a hundred videos and tutorials, as well as a series of interesting contents and activities, designed to help both first-time creatives to take their first steps in the world of digital art and those who want to optimize their productivity.

How to log in to the software

Registration, configuration and access to the software are very simple, because you just need to frame the codice QR on the back of the devices. Software, tutorials and content are instead grouped into the following categories:

  • Drawing and painting for beginner creatives
    Include Clip Studio Paint, Magma, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Bluescape, Shapr 3D
  • Interaction and annotations for education and training
    Include Kami, Pear Deck, Collaboard, Explain Everything, Limnu, Bamboo Paper
  • Idea generation and collaboration at work and at home
    Including Foxit PDF, Wacom Notes.

Sustainability, prices and availability

Graphic tablets and interactive displays Wacom One are the most sustainable products ever made by Wacom to date. Petroleum-derived plastics have been reduced or replaced with bioplastic materials based on polylactic acid (PLA), while the use of recycled plastics (PCR) has increased by about 30-65% in relation to the synthetic materials used, respecting at the same time at the same time Wacom’s high standards of product durability and strength.

Minimized footprint and packaging reduce the impact of transport and logistics, while packaging is made more sustainable, thanks to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper material and flexographic printing with organic and water-based inks.

The Wacom eStore

Wacom One is available starting August in the Wacom eStore and at select retailers. Below is the list of standard models with recommended prices:

  • Interactive display Wacom One 13 touch Standard model
    Prezzo: 649,99 €
  • Interactive display Wacom One 12 Standard model
    Prezzo: 429,99 €
  • Tablet with pen Wacom One M Standard model
    Prezzo: 169,99 €
  • Tablet with pen Wacom One S Standard model
    Prezzo: 119,99 €.

Product customization

In addition to the standard models that can be purchased at selected dealers, in the Wacom eStore customers have the option to purchase just the display or the tablet and the accessories separately: from the preferred digital pen to the right cables for the configuration up to the most suitable supports for individual needs. This customization ability helps reduce costs and also reduce e-waste, because it allows customers to buy only the accessories they need, avoiding unnecessary components. Below is the list of eStore templates with prices:

  • Interactive display Wacom One 13 touch eStore model
    Prezzo: 539,99 €
  • Interactive display Wacom One 12 eStore model
    Prezzo: 319,99 €
  • Tablet with pen Wacom One M eStore model
    Prezzo: 119,99 €
  • Tablet with pen Wacom One S eStore model
    Prezzo: 69,99 €.
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