Come riscoprire le passate edizioni dell'Eurovision Song Contest con Wallapop thumbnail

Wallapop is the right way to rediscover the Eurovision Song Contest

L’Eurovision Song Contest it is now a media phenomenon and the 2022 edition was also a success. The event, however, has only become popular in Italy in recent years. After the success of the latest editions, so many users are interested in rediscover past editions of Eurovision. To achieve this, you can rely on Wallapop. Here are the details related to the Wallapop proposals:

How to rediscover past editions of the Eurovision Song Contest with Wallapop

Wallapop is proposed as a reference point for young people interested in “Rediscover” past editions of the Eurovision Song Contest. Thanks to Wallapop’s proposals, in fact, it is possible, easily, to rediscover past hits and find CDs and vinyls of the winners. For example, you can easily find a vinyl by Toto Cotugno di Insieme, CD and LP by Gigliola Cinquetti, a record by the timeless ABBA as well as the repertoire of the most recent Maneskin. There are, of course, comfortable boxes that collect all the hits of the past editions of the event.

Wallapop’s comment

Giuseppe Montana Head of International of Wallapopunderlines the importance of music for his activity: “In Wallapop we think that music is a fundamental instrument of expression, the bearer of messages of hope and carefree for the launch in Italy, we asked the very young Tancredi to reinterpret a classic without time as Splendido Splendente of the Rector, because even music can live a second life thanks to the voice of a new interpreter ”.

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