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Wallife Digital life insurance: let’s discover the Italian startup

Rome – With the arrival of new technologies and prospects for the future (not so far away) they inevitably also arrive risks and problems related to digital security. With them, however, new solutions and new players in the sector arrive. In this scenario of vibrant novelties, we find Wallife, the Italian insurtech startup focused on protecting the individual from the risks deriving from technological innovation and scientific progress. But let’s start with order!

Digital Insurance, What is Wallife?

Wallife Insurance

Wallife is the first company in the world able to provide answers on the safety and protection of the individual from as yet unknown risks. Wallife’s pioneering goal is to protect the person in three distinct areas: Biometrics, Genetics e Biohacking. In fact, Wallife investigates those new risks, problems and criticalities to which we may be exposed. Among the areas concerned are genetic manipulation, biohacking and the use of digital data. The goal is to provide new insurance products to deal with existing risks and to predict (and prevent) those that do not yet have coverage.

From the protection of one’s digital identity to the defense against the distorted and fraudulent use of information on the individual genetic heritage, Wallife safeguards the human being from the potential risks deriving from the use of technology. This intense and relevant activity, at the basis of the conception of the policies that Wallife will launch on the market, is led by the Professor Enrico Bucci, expert biologist, who coordinates the company’s Advisory Boardmade up of distinguished university professors and executives operating all over the world, engaged in research and innovation.

Fabio Sbianchi, Wallife founder and president, said: “The goal is to actively experiment with new technologies to have a broader vision and to understand how they can impact the lives of human beings. We believe that virtual reality will radically change the way we work, as well as the actions we carry out every day “

In this regard, the company was the protagonist of the first Board of Directors which took place with the support of virtual reality, the first ever in Italy, which we had the pleasure of attending.

The first virtual reality Board of Directors in Italy

At the Wallife headquarters in Rome, a virtual reality meeting was held that saw protagonists Fabio SbianchiFounder & Chairman of Wallife, Maria Enrica AngeloneCEO, e Andrea DiniAptafin who connected to the meeting using theOculus Quest by Metawhile Yuri Narozniak, CEO & Co-Founder of Datafolio, intervened remotely. The adoption of this highly innovative method fully embraces Wallife’s mission: to go beyond the boundaries of the technological and scientific process and investigate the related risks.

We may have asked a few questions Maria Enrica Angelone e Fabio Sbianchi to find out more about Wallife opportunities. We realized for the first time that many aspects of our present and future life are not yet protected. Starting from the IoT (Internet of Things), to smart homes up to the protection of genetic elements such as the freezing of eggs. What if a hacker were to alter ownership, discover our biometric data stored in a healthcare facility, or steal our identity?

Recent history, such as the hacker attack on the San Giovanni hospital in Rome, teaches us that these risks are already a sad reality and that we must act as soon as possible to be ready for any eventuality. The Virtual Reality Board is just the beginning of a long series of innovations that will revolve around the world of Wallife and we can’t wait to discover the news and services available to 2.0 users.

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