WandaVision review seventh episode: the fourth wall

WandaVision review seventh episode: the fourth wall

WandaVision never ceases to surprise, increasing the hype for the great final battle. Here is the review of WandaVision

ORIGINAL TITLE: WandaVision. KIND: Super heroes. NATION: United States. FILM DIRECTOR: Matt Shakman. CAST: Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Debra Jo Rupp, Fred Melamed, Kathryn Hahn, Teyonah Parris, Kat Dennings, Randall Park. time: 9 episodes, approx. 27-34 min. DISTRIBUTOR: Disney+. EXIT: January 15, 2021

Having now reached the final stages, WandaVision does not miss a beat: it manages to keep the viewer glued to the screen, just as if we were still in the first episodes.

The seventh episode, however, beyond its important narrative function, does not feature great twists or cameos from other characters from the world of Marvel (as it was with Even Peters in the fifth episode).

Despite this, we very well perceive the importance of all thirty minutes of the episode. A kind of great psychological preparation to what promises to be two very great final episodes.

Some knots come to a head, other doubts creep into our mind; but, above all, as with every episode of WandaVision, there are many theories that arise from it.

Let’s analyze it together.

WandaVision review seventh episode: the fourth wall

Breaking the fourth wall | WandaVision Review

As in the hit series Modern Family, also in the seventh episode of WandaVision the breaking of the fourth wall. Wanda, Vision and the other characters delight in exposing their thoughts and concerns directly to the viewer, allowing them to give a logical sense to the development of the narrative; also inserting useful information for the purpose of a greater understanding of what is really happening.

We find ourselves catapulted into one bet by sections decidedly lighter than the previous one, bringing back comic gags and hilarious sketches as usual in the first episodes. Wanda and Vision take on a more lighthearted demeanor, appearing almost completely oblivious to what happened on Halloween night. Any reference to Vision’s near death and Wanda’s enormous powers, however, are hidden by as many funny moments, as if they themselves were trying to forget what it was.

If in the previous episode we focused mainly on Vision and its search for truth, today everything focuses on Wanda. Unable to explain what happened during Halloween, he seems to want to shun his responsibilities in order not to face reality: who is Pietro, where is Vision, what is happening to her. In forced isolation, halfway between delirium and resignation, he continually ranges between reality and fiction, not allowing us to fully understand which Wanda we are talking about: the happy bride or the powerful superheroine.


Unlike the first episodes, written in such a way as to present the point of view of SWORD and Wanda in parallel, with the continuation of the series the investigative side has disappeared. The only character who seems to have a very specific and defined role is that of Monica Rambeau.

Teyonah Parris has attracted attention to himself thanks to a well written and well acted character, although the curiosity of the fans is now turned to the elusive “aerospace engineer” mentioned by Rambeau a few episodes ago, and defined by Parris herself as one of the possible upcoming surprises of WandaVision.

But we also had surprises in this episode, thanks to a character so far little more than marginal: Agnes.

WandaVision review seventh episode: the fourth wall

Agnes, aka Agatha Harkness | Review WandaVision

In the final minutes of the episode the revelation we have all been waiting for takes place: who is behind the dark anomalies of Westview. Or rather: who hides behind the apparent madness of Wanda, the strangeness of the city and the sensational return of Pietro Maximoff.

ATTENTION: SPOILER danger! this article contains some revelations about the finale of the episode 1 × 07 of WandaVision. If you have not yet seen the episode, we advise you not to continue reading

Agatha Harkness is a comic book character created by Stan Lee e Jack Kirby, published by Marvel Comics. Its first appearance dates back to Fantastic Four number 94 of January 1970. She is a powerful sorceress and has also been the housekeeper of Franklin Richards, the son of Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman.

The irreverent, boisterous and nosy neighbor turns out to be, apparently, the real villain of WandaVision. She, a powerful sorceress, would kick off the events narrated in the series, allowing Wanda’s actions to unfold according to her plans.

Thus, with a much darker ending than the tone of the entire episode, Wanda finds herself in the hands of the enemy, who has taken possession of her children and ready, who knows, to finally fight the former Avengers.

Again, many theories have emerged. There are those who argue that Agnes is only the voice of the wishes of Mephisto (who, among other things, kidnaps the twins in the comics); who, on the other hand, does not think at all that she is as bad as they are making us believe. On the other hand, if the series kept to the letter to the comics, the coming to light of his character could also refer to another hypothesis; the one who wants i Fantastic 4 as a guest star of the season, perhaps during the final battle.

Again, there are more questions than answers. All that remains is to wait for next Friday to find out more, finally discovering what will be the fate of Wanda, Vision, Pietro and Monica (who begins to manifest their powers), trusting in the incredible ability that the series has shown to have up to now in creating noteworthy twists.

WandaVision review seventh episode: the fourth wall


The final minutes of the episode, with a theme that in a very short time manages to summarize all the revelations without being trivial or boring, is yet another touch of class of a series that, although it has lost a bit of that sensational originality of the first episodes, proves to be reasoned, intelligent and able to excite, putting all the elements in the right place and at the right time …like the scene hidden in the credits.

All ready for the final battle

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