WarioWare Get It Together: A leak shows the entire game on the net

How to blunder with WarioWare: day one breakup caused Get It Together! in its entirety; the gameplay is already online

Whatever his atrocities, Wario certainly did not deserve that his latest work was the protagonist of a leak: unfortunately for those most opposed to spoiler between you, it’s really about WarioWare Get It Together in toto. The gameplay of the entire game has in fact leaked online: a minor damage, if you really want, since there are very few days to its release (and, barring hitches, our review), but still something that the Big N would also have done without . So be careful, from here to Friday 10, if you are looking for gameplay of the game on YouTube. We would rather advise you to be patient.

The new WarioWare Get It Together command: “Leak!”

A video, shared on YouTube, made no secret of the WarioWare Get It Together leak. There are points on the globe where the day one breaks are very common, and the video uploaded last Saturday has a very straightforward description. “I live in Hong Kong which is known for selling games ahead of schedule. I managed to get the game eight days early, and this is my best attempt in the overall mix. ” For the uninitiated, the “general mix” consists in the random reproduction of all the various micro-games unlocked up to that point, accessible after the credits.

With little sense of the obvious, the description concludes by warning viewers: “Again, there are big gameplay spoilers; watch at your own risk ”. As you can see above, fans like PushDustIn (a frequent translator of Masahiro Sakurai’s columns) have already set to work warn all of the danger. In any case, there is little time before the review embargo expires, so if you want to know more about the game without ruining too many surprises, you know where to go. We give you an appointment for the due ballots, then!

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