Teufel: presented the new Radio One clock radio

Teufel, a Berlin-based company internationally renowned for its quality audio systems, has decided to design much more than a simple alarm clock

Radio One is a versatile Hi-Fi accessory, which perfectly integrates the functions of an alarm clock, a radio and a speaker in a single design object with a powerful sound. From music, to reminders, to photography, the mobile phone is often (if not always) with us in bed, to let us check emails and set the alarm for the next day before falling asleep. Despite the practicality of having a handyman tool, we are also well aware of the annoyance that the so-called blue light causes; especially in the bedroom, where we should rest and find the balance between our physical and mental health. If the relationship with sleep could already be difficult, with the pandemic this relationship has been further compromised.

The perfect radio for your sleep

Several studies, including those conducted by AIMS, have shown that the lockdown has significantly influenced the sleep rhythm; having a mainly negative effect on it. It is therefore increasingly important find your well-being, starting with small gestures such as getting enough physical exercise during the day and respecting a correct alternation between hours of sleep and waking up. And here Radio One, with its delicate and always balanced tones, becomes an excellent ally for sleep; its sound perfectly accompanies the awakening thanks to due driver full-range 2-inch slightly tilted sideways and to the large passive membrane on the back.

Teufel: presented the new Radio One clock radio

To further improve the acoustic performance we find the tecnologia Dynamore by Teufel, designed to ensure a powerful and balanced sound that transforms the bedside table into a small stage. In addition, thanks to the patented display lighting, which can be adjusted independently or manually and with a large time indicator; sleep will not be disturbed by annoying light beams from electronic devices.

Teufel Radio One: powerful and ultra-connected radio

If Radio One finds space in the bedroom, its dynamic nature it also makes it the perfect piece of furniture for the living area. The versatility of functions and compact dimensions make it ideal for the most varied uses, from accompaniment to yoga and meditation sessions in the living room, to playing music in the kitchen.

Teufel: presented the new Radio One clock radio

Radio One also receives radio signals both in a classic way, via FM, and digitally via DAB + and has three stations, to be able to save your favorite frequency. Thanks to its studied design, the radio winks at the “made in Berlin” design and hides the wire antenna in the lower part of the device, making it almost invisible. For streaming music lovers, this clock radio also sets up as perfect speaker to play audio tracks from your mobile or tablet; via Bluetooth or using the mini-jack input.

Smart functions for every day

All product functions can be managed directly via the buttons on the front of the device. You can choose between two separate alarms, a sleep timer, buttons for Bluetooth, FM e DAB+. Different settings are available for operation and standby so that, for example, at night the display can only light up very dimly or turn off by itself. The alarms are also customizable; once, every day, only on weekdays or only on weekends. It is also possible to set one-off alarms for a specific date; practical function to set, for example, an alarm clock many days in advance.

Teufel: presented the new Radio One clock radio

Teufel Radio One: price and availability

Radio One Teufel is now available at 169.99 euros in black and white on the company’s webshop.

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