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Great Wall Motors arrives in Europe: at the IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich

Great Wall Motors (GWM), the Chinese car manufacturer, is previewing its brand and product portfolio with which the international multi-brand group will soon enter Europe and to do so has chosen the IAA Mobility 2021.

GWM presents a new generation of automotive brands: the smart brand, premium plug-in hybrid WEY and the young “Pure Electric” brand GWM ORA.
From self-learning artificial intelligence to 5G and high-speed computing power
, in the development of new technologies, both brands benefit from 30 years of experience and the innovative power of the parent company GWM. The Chinese market leader for premium SUVs, which will then be in Munich, is industry leader in its home country in smart grid design, as well as a pioneer in the research and development of key technologies such as 5G, Autopilot and V2X (vehicle to anything).

WEY Coffee 01: un SUV plug-in “intelligente”

The Coffee 01 model, announced as the V71 in Europe earlier this year, is the flagship of the WEY brand: it combines the latest technologies with an incredible range and a completely customer-centric ecosystem. Especially in the areas of intelligent digital architecture and security, it is a pioneer in its segment. Its “Coffee Intelligence” driving platform is an artificial intelligence-based system that combines intelligent cockpit systems with hybrid driving and smart connectivity. Coffee 01 is the first mass-produced car to incorporate a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, which provides high-speed computing power. Key 5G technology, Wi-Fi connectivity, facial recognition, personalization, augmented reality display and 14 ”infotainment display make Coffee 01 the technology leader in mobility.

Wey Coffee 01’s AI actively learns and is always updated via over-the-air updates. Wey Coffee 01 also stands out when it comes to safety: the recognition of 3D objects guarantees maximum safety for the driver, passengers and all other road users.

Design and dynamism of the model

The outstanding technological features are also reflected in the design of the WEY Coffee 01: an environmentally conscious and technologically compelling driving experience in the Coffee 01, in an elegant and dynamic design. The strong, wide and hexagonal grille and the door handles flush with the sheet metal are unique style statements.
All these elements make WEY Coffee 01 instantly recognizable everywhere. Inside, the WEY places sustainable accents with vegan materials.

“With our smart plug-in hybrid SUV, we aim to meet the expectations of our customers in terms of technical performance and ‘premium’ quality: from the exciting electric range to the intelligent driving platform and ecosystem,” says Johnson Qiang. , vice president of Great Wall Motors Europe. “That’s why innovation in technology, safety and zero-emission powertrains are a top priority for WEY.”

First deliveries of Coffee 01 are expected in the first half of 2022. Great Wall Motors will initially launch the WEY brand in Germany, with other markets to follow soon. The first Brand Experience Center will open in Munich in early 2022. Ecosystem and mobility services will be offered. With its user-centric “single platform” approach, all services can be ordered with a “swipe” on the app. “We will focus on unique experiences and products to meet the daily mobility needs of our users. An interactive community-based rewards program will create an innovative new market and business, ”says Gerald Krainer, Europe Director of Sales and Services for WEY and ORA. Details on trim variants and pricing will be announced shortly by the company.

Great Wall Motors: ORA CAT is pure innovation

GWM NOW’s CAT compact electric car has the potential to change the rules. With its combination of futuristic retro design, quality hardware and intelligent information technology, it is synonymous with a new generation of cars: sustainable, innovative and unique in its reference segment. Now CAT is built on GWM’s “LEMON” electric vehicle chassis. Depending on the type of battery, it has a range of up to 400 km. Driving with the ORA CAT is fun: the e-motor will be rated at 126 kW and 250 Nm, which allows acceleration from 0-50 km / h in 3.8 seconds.

As standard, ORA CAT has numerous assistance systems that refuel the vehicle in safe areas and operate at a level never before seen in the lower-middle segment. “With GWM ORA we are building a brand for a completely new lifestyle in Europe. We are approaching a type of target oriented towards fashion and lifestyle, with a nod to a generation deeply embedded in the urban context. ”, Says Rebecca Grajecki, Director of Brand and Marketing Europe for WEY and GWM ORA.

ORA CAT is built for intelligent driving. For this, many of the required features are standard in ORA CAT: the key technology for all-round sensors ensures the best possible safety. A new generation Intel chip for intelligent driving delivers high-speed computing power.

A Highway Assistant system and artificial intelligence for automated parking make driving with ORA CAT particularly comfortable: Automated Reverse Assist uses a camera to record up to 50 meters of travel, allowing the car to automatically reverse parking, the which makes parking particularly easy in narrow streets. For the first time in this segment, a 5mm wave radar, 12 ultrasonic radars, 4 cameras for 360-degree vision and a high-perception front camera for intelligent guidance are available as standard. Facial recognition ensures safe travel: the system includes fatigue and distraction detection.

A very high-strength steel body on an extra-reinforced steel frame, 6 airbags, the latest ESP system and automatic crash and breakdown assistance via e-call make ORA CAT particularly safe. All systems are always up to date thanks to over-the-air updates (OTA – over-the-air). And in addition to all these safety and comfort features, driving ORA CAT is particularly fun thanks to the 4G entertainment system.

Customers can pre-order ORA CAT from the end of 2021. The first deliveries of ORA CAT are expected in the first half of 2022. Details on trim variants and pricing will be announced shortly by the company.

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