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WarioWare Get It Together is the chaotic party game you’ve been waiting for

After trying the promising demo, WarioWare: Get It Togheter, the new chapter for Nintendo Switch dedicated to Wario and his gang, is finally available. Between one chaotic and fast-paced story mode e a series of party games to challenge friends with, we immediately fell in love with this title, and now we are here to tell you about it.

Our WarioWare Get It Together review

Like the other chapters of the WarioWare series, whose spirit and mechanics this title excellently reproduces, the heart of the game is a extensive collection of mini-games. These challenges are chaotic, dall’somewhat grotesque and nonsense humor and to be solved extremely quickly.

To make everything more complicated, but also more unpredictable and fun, is the presence of a roster of different characters, each with different ways to move and interact with the game environment. In each challenge we will therefore have to understand on the fly how to solve it with that particular character, who will change after each puzzle randomly.

To introduce us to the various characters and the various thematic packs of mini-games (ranging from technology al food, passing through the animals even up to Nintendo games) we will have to complete the mode History, which, despite being the main one, is short enough to finish and serves mostly as extended tutorial. Once finished, even in pair with another player, we can then have fun retracing it to improve our records, which correspond to the number of mini-games we were able to complete before finishing all four lives.

A great party game

The most beautiful part of this new title in our opinion is represented by the mode Great variety, which proposes a series of party game, i.e. games to play with friends (up to four players).

Are present ten games, including three cooperatives that can also be played individually. The variety is decidedly wide: it ranges from a real one fighting game at the volleyball passing through thetable hockey up to dribbles to the bitter end. All games are, in and of themselves, intuitive to approach, with the right mix of chaos and competitiveness that make them perfect for challenging your friends.

The only flaw of this collection is the significant advantage for those who have played the entire story mode. Knowing how the characters move and, above all, knowing the minigames at a glance require in fact some experience with the game, especially in those challenges (not all) that incorporate the minigames of the main mode. It is difficult, without wasting a bit of time to let him try the history a bit first, then play a game “on the fly” with people who have never played the title. However, once this initial obstacle has been overcome, the collection of games becomes much more enjoyable for everyone and an excellent activity to do in company.

WarioWare Get It Together: Our Conclusions

Our impression of the title having played it is positive, pleasant both to be enjoyed alone and, above all, in company. For the list price of 49.99€, then, it also presents an excellent quality-price ratio, also considering that, net of the few hours of play for the Story mode, the Great Variety mode is potentially very long-lived involving friends in the game.

More information available on the official Nintendo website.

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