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We tried Hogwarts Legacy. And we loved it

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated games of the year. Probably also from the last five years.
And with good reason.
The world of Harry Potterborn from the pen of J.K. Rowling, has bewitched more than one generation. The English author has managed to skilfully mix classic ingredients – magic, friendship, conflict, love and even death – to create something unique, something that has really left its mark.
From books were born films, online portals, mobile games, fake volumes of magic, the spin off dedicated to Newt Scamander and even a series of video games which, alas, have never really been able to bewitch us.
After all, it’s not their fault: that of Harry Potter is a very large universe, difficult to replicate, especially when the target is us, insatiable and demanding enthusiasts, who grew up together with Harry Potter and even together with the actors who gave, to the wizard with the scar strange and his companions, a face on the big screen.

Hogwarts Legacy, however, seems to have hit the point but to do so he had to strip off something, and that something is Harry Potter.
In fact, the title does not tell the story of HP, it is not linked in any way to the story told in the books, it does not include Dumbledore, Voldemort and all the other characters we have come to know over time.
Avalanche Software has decided to step back in time and take us At the end of the nineteenth century. A choice that, from what we have been able to see, seems more than spot on. The 19th century, with its elegant clothes, Victorian buildings and carriages moving along the streets, seems to marry perfectly with the incredible and enormous Hogwarts castle, while providing a fertile and almost virgin ground on which to build history.

Hogwarts Legacy previewed

The protagonist of Hogwarts Legacy is you.
Before you enter the magical world you will have to then sculpt your alter ego: face shape, eye color, particular features, complexion, hair, voice… You can choose practically everything, even the name.

Hogwarts Legacy tried character creation

Once the process is complete, you will be free to begin your adventure which, as per tradition, will begin with a letter that communicates to you admission to the fifth year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Yes, you read that right: fifth year.
At the moment it is not known why but it is immediately evident that the motivation behind this unusual choice will be an integral part of the story, a story that begins with the meeting between you, your mentor – the Professor Eleazar Fig – e George Osric, who works at the Ministry of Magic. A brief exchange of pleasantries and information and then off, by carriage, towards Hogwarts.

The journey, which seems to introduce the possible antagonist – il goblin Ranrok -, will be abruptly interrupted by the attack of a dragon, which will cause the death of Osric and will force you and Professor Fig to a daring escape with a mysterious Portkey. You will thus find yourself in the Scottish Highlands and then end up in the heart of Gringott, the wizard bank.

Hogwarts Legacy tried environment

Curious to know what happens next? We did too, but unfortunately our test was understandably interrupted to leave the right aura of mystery and to take us a little further into the game, in Hogwarts Park and then inside the castle.
Our movements were limited by the demos available to us but this did not prevent us from understanding the vastness of the territory at our disposal. The school is gigantic, a labyrinth of gardens, corridors, stairs and rooms to be explored. However, there is no risk of getting lost: first of all you have the map at your disposal, secondly you can view the track that shows you the fastest route to reach your destination and, finally, you can always go out and soar with the broom to understand where you are and reach a known point.

Hogwarts Legacy tried duel

Our test also allowed us to enter the clubs of Crossed wandsa group of duelists that allows you to practice 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 fights, which apparently will come in handy for the game’s missions.
In fact, immediately afterwards we found ourselves in the forbidden forest, together with a partner – Poppy Sweeting -, in search of smugglers. We then clashed with them only to find out that they had created ad an illegal arena dedicated to dragon battles, captured and forced to fight with their own kind.

First impressions

Hogwarts Legacy tried centaurs

We told you about what we did in Hogwarts Legacy in the approximately 45 minutes we spent in the company of the new title from Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. But, on balance, how is it?

The initial impact is more than positive: the world is detailed, well built, respectful of what is told in the books and littered with things we’ve already encountered over the years, from Portkeys to Centaurs, from the historic Hogwarts Library to the Forbidden Forest.
The attention to detail is evident and no, we couldn’t take it for granted considering the mammoth castle and the vastness of the surroundings. Shortly before meeting the brigands we found ourselves in an elevated point, at sunset, with the school in the distance and the panorama not only thrilled us but made us wonder how big the setting is given the distance from the castle.

Hogwarts Legacy tried flying

Even the characters we interacted with impressed us with their appearance and characterization, with Professor Fig who, with his wrinkles, his hat and his personality, has remained particularly impressed on us.

The only element that has not completely convinced us is perhaps the light. Inside the castle we would have expected more shaded areas, more variations, while we often found ourselves in environments lit a lot and in the same way. In short, for what we have seen the light seemed a bit flat but it’s nothing that detracts from the gaming experience.

Hogwarts Legacy tried dragon

And the gameplay? The clashes are very funny and not at all obvious. You have to worry as much about attacking as about defending yourself, possibly with the right timing so as to cast a counter-spell that displaces the opponent.
Your enemies will also have the ability to surround themselves with a sort of protective shield that you will have to break down by choosing the right magic. Once the shield is destroyed, you’ll be free to attack them with your other spells, with a menu that should allow you to choose and set the ones you prefer. You also have quick attacks, to be launched in rapid succession and to be used when the more complex spells are recharging.

The flight commands have also been promoted which are exceptionally intuitive, so you would be able to move around without too much difficulty.

Hogwarts Legacy tried: it’s almost there!

Hogwarts Legacy tried map

The tried of Hogwarts Legacy did not disappoint. Avalanche Software seems to have found the right formula, giving fans the game they needed. Of course, to find out what the title is like in its entirety we will have to wait for its release on the market, scheduled for February 10, 2023.
By the way, have you already booked it?

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