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Wearable air purifier ible Airvida E1

Introduced the new wearable air purifier ible Airvida E1 x noise canceling earphones

ible Airvida E1 was presented to Viva Tech 2022 in Paris, bringing ible’s certified wearable ionic air purifiers (here for more info) to an even wider audience. Airvida E1, the world’s first wearable ionic air purifier with integrated earphones and app-exclusive dashboard. It uses the exclusive technology Breathing Pathway Eco Ion di ible to purify the air and reduce the potential impact of coronavirus, PM2.5, pollen, allergen and bacteria.

Details on the new ible Airvida E1 air purifier

Due to the impact of the pandemic, people have started to show great concern about air-related topics. Airvida E1 can generate up to 6 million negative ions / cm³ around the user’s facial area every 0.6 seconds. Through ible’s unique Breathing Pathway Eco Ion technology, Airvida E1 produces negative ions that can disrupt and break the coronavirus carbon-hydrogen bond and inactivate them immediately. What’s more, those negative ions can also attach themselves to incoming particles and turn them into larger, heavier chunks to drop into the ground. This mechanism can reduce the airborne coronavirus, PM2.5, pollen, allergen and bacteria.

Wearable air purifier ible Airvida E1


Airvida E1 weighs only 42 grams and it is comfortable to wear for hours. The battery can last longer than 8 hours when the air functions are activated, purification and earphone. Without playing music, the battery life increases over 30 hours. L’Apps on Airvida E1 it can provide instant information on PM2.5 and pollen based on the user’s location. It can also remind users to activate the air purification function or adjust the negative ion level (2 million / 4 million / 6 million negative ions) when needed. Airvida E1 is suitable for commuters, and can also be placed on its stand to allow it to be used as a desktop air purifier even in the office.

Award winning revolutionary design

This brand new concept was identified with the Japan Good Design judges, making the Airvida E1 the only wearable air purifier that won the Good Design Award 2021 (Japan). The judges of this award have very positive comments for Airvida E1 and wish Airvida E1 to become the pioneer of the epidemic prevention market. In addition to its safety, Airvida’s high purification capacity has also earned itself Innovation Awards al CES 2020, German Innovation Awards 2022. In addition, the first prize in the category Epidemic Prevention al 2019, 2020, 2021 SNQ (Symbol of National Quality, Taiwan), and Taiwan Excellence Awards 2022. Due to its exceptional virus removal capability, Airvida has been recommended by TTA to StartupBlink (UNAIDS, under the United Nations) and will soon be recognized in their Coronavirus Innovation Map.

Wearable air purifier ible Airvida E1

Designed in Taiwan for the world

Airvida is designed and manufactured in Taiwan. This is to meet the highest standards of material (RoHS), performance, efficiency optimization (SGS reports, Kisato Research Center for Environmental Science (Japan) and FIA (Japan)) and safety regulations (CE and FCC). So far Airvida has sold over 300,000 units in over ten countries. Referring to customer reviews in Japan Rakuten, Airvida not only scores 4.5 out of 5, but also makes 97% of hay fever sufferers feel better.

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