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We’ll keep the Apple viewer battery in our pocket

Everything seems ready for the presentation of Apple’s device for mixed reality: Tim Cook is expected to announce this at the WWDC 2023 conferenceto be held from 5 to 9 June 2023. Meanwhile, new rumors have Apple plugging the headset’s battery outside the headset itself, using a battery pack that you carry in your pocket.

Apple viewer, we’ll keep the battery in our pocket

According to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, who anticipated it in his Power On newsletter, the viewer will have a port with an exclusive connector, to which the battery pack is attached via a fixed cable. The port is designed so that the connector cannot be detached during movement.

As for the design, the external battery for use with Apple’s mixed reality device it will be the size of an iPhone. But it will turn out thicker, and will be very similar to MagSafe Battery Packthe magnetic battery designed for iPhone.


The external battery will also have a USB-C connection for charging. In the headset box, it should be thereor same adapter that comes in the MacBook Pro box. USB-C connection which will also be on the viewer itself, but which will only be needed for data transfer and not for power.

Apple would have chosen an external battery – a unique solution in the field of virtual or augmented reality devices – for reduce the weight of the headset. In this way the viewer will be more comfortable to wear by decreasing, above all, the pressure on the face. The downside is that you have to keep the external battery in your pocket.

Furthermore, the autonomy linked to the external batteries leaves some doubts. In fact, we are talking about a maximum autonomy of two hours. But soon we should know everything officially: it seems that Apple will present the viewer at the next Apple WWDC 2023.

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