WELOCK Fingerprint Smart Door Lock Review: Enter your home without keys

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In this article we will see the review of the WELOCK Fingerprint lock the lock that is unlocked with our fingerprint

We can now say with absolute serenity that home automation has entered and be part of our lives. Voice assistants have become our private butlers and even lifting a roller shutter is a task they are gladly assigned to. In this article we will instead find out points in favor and possible points against a smart lock.

If you no longer want to be afraid of losing your house keys, and staying out of them, or simply want to give your apartment an even smarter touch, you are in the right place.

Design e materiali | Recensione WELOCK Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

Let’s start our WELOCK Fingerprint review by talking about its design and chosen materials.

As far as form factor and materials are concerned, we hardly deviate from the model we reviewed previously. In fact, the differences between this model and the WELOCK Smart Door Lock are reduced to the type of unlocking of the lock itself. We find a simple and attractive design that lends itself to any door.

The materials chosen are really excellent and handling the lock we have never had a different feeling from the robustness. The metal used is solid and even the display with fingerprint reader has been “permeabilized” albeit with a certification that only guarantees protection against light splashes of water and dust.

The steel that makes up the lock has been polished and it doesn’t look like it can be damaged very easily.

In a nutshell, the design and materials chosen are reliable and aesthetically very appreciable. The lock also exploits the right space of a classic cylinder (or almost) which will allow you to hide, thanks to the plates of your door, even the parts of the lock that you do not want to show.

How to unlock the lock | WELOCK Fingerprint Smart Door Lock Review

We found that we liked the materials chosen and the aesthetics of this lock, but what about safety and use? Let’s find out together thanks to the review of the WELOCK lock with fingerprint release.

Obviously, the lock is unlocked with the help of your fingerprint. But how does it work? How many footprints can we save? Are there any other unlocking methods? Is it safe? All these questions are legitimate and we have thoroughly tested this smart lock before writing the review of this smart lock. Now we are ready to tell you about our experience and try to clarify any doubts!

WELOCK Fingerprint Smart Door Lock Review: Enter your home without keys

Let’s answer a few questions | WELOCK Fingerprint Smart Door Lock Review

Let’s start with the most important thing: the security.

The lock in question uses the same mechanism as the one you have already installed. The barrel does not turn until the lock is unlocked. If in a normal lock the cylinder is unlocked thanks to the key which raises all the pistons when entering it, the unlocking takes place electronically. The technologies used are state-of-the-art and are highly secure.

The block is deactivated by pressing the button (which is used to activate the display) and placing the finger that you have previously registered and here we answer the second question. Or the number of fingerprints we can save.

Up to three administrator and up to ninety-nine user fingerprints can be stored in the lock. To save the “secondary” fingerprints it will be necessary to log in as admin using one of the fingerprints registered as such.

To access the menu, simply hold down the function key for five seconds. Once logged in, you can decide the block reset time, change the language, activate or deactivate sound and bluetooth or even register a card, and here we are once again linked to another question: Can the lock be unlocked in other ways?

The answer to the question is obviously yes. In addition to unlocking with the fingerprint, it will also be possible to activate the lock through one of the three cards placed inside the package.

Obviously, for security reasons, the cards are inactive until registration. Furthermore, if you have downloaded the app and activated the bluetooth function of the lock, it will be possible to unlock the entrance thanks to this shortwave technology. Taking advantage of bluetooth is really a smart move as as a technology it offers much higher guarantees than WI-FI.

Before moving on, it is good to say that in order to work this smart lock requires three AAA batteries not included. According to the manufacturer’s statement, the batteries, if new, with an average use of the lock, should be replaced after one year. In any case, the lock will warn us when 20% of residual autonomy is reached. IF necessary, however, it is possible to give an emergency charge to the lock via the micro USB type B socket located in the front part of the lock.

WELOCK Fingerprint Smart Door Lock Review: Enter your home without keys

Who should buy WELOCK Fingerprint?

In conclusion, we would like to recommend this lock with fingerprint release to all those passionate about home automation or simply looking for an alternative way to stop using the house keys.

If we were to find a fault with this lock at all costs, it could be the lack of Italian in the instruction manual.

But do not worry, the level of English required is very basic and at the most you can take advantage of the video in the article to get around the problem. Another sore point could be the price of almost 200 euros for a lock but, considering the convenience and technology behind this product, we do not feel like demonizing this cost.

In short, if you are looking for a safe, state-of-the-art and comfortable lock with this WELOCK Fingerprint Smart Door Lock you will be satisfied.

Points in favor

  • Excellent materials
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Very safe

Points against

  • Instructions without the Italian language
  • A little expensive (although the price is justified)