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Western Union chooses Italy to launch its new concept stores and hubs in Europe

Western Unionthe global leader in money transfer services, has chosen Italy for launching a network of new concept stores and proprietary hubs in Europe. This represents a significant step in the company’s efforts to offer a premium, omnichannel experience to its customers and to become a one-stop shop for new accessible financial services.

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Western Union in Italy with its shops

The concept stores and hubs represent an investment by the company for its retail presence in Italy and Europe, while supporting the micro entrepreneurs premises and financial inclusion in the communities of migrants. The company has already opened 15 shops and a proprietary hub in Europe in 2022, and this year confirms its plans to expand its network in Italy and across the continent.

With these new stores, the company recognizes the loyalty of long-standing partners offering them the opportunity to open these exclusive Western Union spaces, designed to offer faster, easier and simpler access to their services. Concept store partners typically operate stores that cater to the specific needs of customers using Western Union in Italy. Their selection to operate a concept store means that, aside from the original investment, they enjoy an ongoing and strengthened relationship with Western Union and further support from the company.

WU Concept Store 2

The company also plans to inaugurate proprietary hubs throughout Italy. Operating 7 days a week, the Hub will mark a step change in how the company interacts with its customers and improves their experience, while enabling the company to better understand their needs, test and propose new products and improve overall customer experience experience.

Gabriel Sorbo, Regional Vice President, Western Union, Sud Europa, explains: “Thanks to the new Concept Stores we will be able to be closer to the needs of our consumers. The new concept stores also represent for us a renewed investment in local micro-entrepreneurs, enabling them to expand their presence, hire more employees and strengthen their role within the community”.

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