WeTransfer non funziona, il sito è offline thumbnail

WeTransfer does not work, the site is offline

WeTransfer does not work, the site is offline thumbnail

If you have any problems with WeTransferyou are not alone: ​​the site is offline and the serviceio file transfer is not working. The service stopped working at 15:43 and at the moment the WeTransfer technical team is still working on a solution.

WeTransfer is not working, the site is offline

WeTransfer’s file transfer service has tons of applications. We use it regularly to share high resolution images and videos. And like us, there are so many private users and companies that use the service. Both in its free variant and with subscriptions to increase the quantity and quality of transfers.

But it doesn’t matter which subscription you have: this afternoon everyone is left without WeTransfer transfers. The same site for the WeTransfer status update reports that the system is offline.

does not work offline WeTransfer min

The first update the company gave the March 7 at 3:43 pm Italian time, when he reported the start of research on the problem. About a quarter of an hour earlier the reports on DownDetector increased. And they continue to rise.

The company in fact has reported at 4:01 pm that he had implemented a fix to solve the problem. But it does not seem to have been enough, ten minutes later the analyzes started again. And the problem one hour later still remains unsolved. The last update at the writing of this article is that of 16:56 and for about twenty minutes there have been no other updates.

We don’t know what the problem may be. And especially in these days of cyber espionage and hacker attacks that are multiplying, it seems wiser to wait for the company’s motivations and not to engage in speculation. We will update this article as soon as there is news the reasons for the problem and the return of the service online. Hopefully as soon as possible.

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