What do we expect from iOS 16

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There are now a few days to go WWDC 2022, the annual event in which Apple reveals the news of operating systems for iPhone, Mac, iPad, wearable and so on. This time, as you can imagine, all eyes are on iOS 16 e iPadOS 16. And although the updates will not be released soon, interesting rumors are already circulating on the Net about the news they will bring to Apple devices. At this point, let’s not dwell further and let’s go straight to what it is.

iOS 16: all the news of Apple’s updates

According to what was announced by Mark Gurman Bloomberg, at WWDC 2022 Apple will officially present the new iOS 16. “The new software – the expert writes -, codenamed Sydney, is a fairly significant update”. Apparently, in fact, this will bring interesting changes to the notifications, the lock screen, the Messages App and the features of the Health section.

Lock screen

As far as we know, Apple’s new update will bring major improvements to the lock screen, including sfunds with widget-like functionality. Furthermore, as we already announced a few days ago, iOS 16 could also support the always-on-display function on the new models of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. A change that would allow the smartphone to reduce the frame rate on the display screen. lock and view information on the display more quickly.

Messages and Health app

Apparently, the Messages app e Salute they will see some particular improvements thanks to the update of the operating system. According to Gurman, for messaging we should expect “more functionality similar to those of social networks, especially with regard to audio messages”. A somewhat vague preview, which does not give us a clear idea of ​​what the new options will be coming. Much more specific, however, are the anticipations on the functionality of the Health App per iPhone ed Apple Watch. As noted by MacRumors, iOS 16 will expand “sleep tracking functionality and medication management”. Apparently, in fact, the Cupertino company is working on an option that allows users to scan medications directly within the App, so as to more easily manage consumption. To these options, “new functionalities for women’s health” could be added.


With the new update from Apple, there will also be interesting improvements to notifications. In particular, it seems that users will have it available more controls for the “Full Immersion” option, which allows you to select the Apps, contacts and notifications from which they want to be “disturbed” at certain times of the day. As reported by the rumors on the Net, therefore, with iOS 16 there will be unprecedented customization options for users.

Emergency satellite network

According to rumors, Apple is planning to add one satellite emergency function to the new models of iPhone 14, supported by iOS 16. If so, iPhone owners will be able to send messages in critical situations even when there is no network coverage. An option undoubtedly useful for users.

New services

In recent months, the Cupertino company has been working on new services for users, which could be integrated into the future update of iOS 16. Among these there would also be an option “Buy Now, Pay Later” for Apple Pay, which would allow users to make purchases and pay in installments in a very similar way to that offered by services like Klarna. Beyond that, Apple is also working on a hardware subscription program which will allow customers to pay a monthly fee for an iPhone, iPad or Mac. In this way, the process of purchasing a device will be comparable to buying iCloud storage or an Apple Music subscription. A project that could be realized by 2022, or at the latest in 2023, assuming that the company does not retrace its steps.

Update compatibility and release date

For the moment we don’t know yet which devices will support iOS 16, but the discontinuation of production of the 7th generation iPod Touch suggests that Apple may abandon the support of the update for Phone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE of the first generation and the iPhone 7. All other models, however, could support the new operating system without any problem.

As for the launch date, we do not have precise news yet. After official presentation at WWDC 2022, the update will be provided to developers for testing purposes. It will therefore take some more time, but it seems that we could see iOS 16 in the Fall, along with the new iPhone models. At this point, we look forward to other news.

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