What I know about love: Gabriele Muccino rejects his film

What I know about love: Gabriele Muccino rejects his film

Gabriele Muccino continues to release shocking testimonies; after the comments to the film Favolacce, now it’s the turn of an old film of his: What I know about love

The films of Gabriele Muccino they tell of human relationships and personal relationships, simultaneously addressing all those aspects of society that are not working. He does it, perhaps it would be better to say “he did it”, almost challenging common opinion, and still obtaining a great appreciation from critics.

In recent years, however, his cinematic rebellion has become more of a character aspect than a singular and personal peculiarity of making films. And that’s how he started doing what everyone would like to do, but no one dares to really put in place: to share their own outspoken judgment.

But there is a big difference between being unconventional, and spreading random comments without any real sharing or any ideological foundation.

After the controversy that arose for his contemptuous comment on the film Bad stories by the D’Innocenzo brothers, now the director takes it out on himself. In an Instagram post on his official profile, in fact, he disavowed one of his films, attacking it harshly and without any hesitation: What I know about love.

What I know about love: Gabriele Muccino disavows his film

Recently, Gabriele Muccino has been the focus of least two big controversies, following some statements made. The first concerns the comment made on the film Bad stories gods Brothers D’Innocenzo (the criticism came after the David di Donatello nominations).

I am contemplating leaving the Academy of David di Donatello as a juror and never presenting my films in competition again in the future. It can no longer be considered, as it was, the most prestigious award of Italian cinema in the world. I come out with bitterness, certainly not envy, for having adored OUR noblest cinema and seeing it reduced to a skirmish between minor, ignored and / or overrated films.

The other, a few hours ago, concerns an old film of his: What I know about love. Released in 2012, it was rejected by critics and the public … now also by the director. Muccino rejects this film, which now no longer feels his due to the continuous conflicts with the production at the time and the bad relationship with the cast (even if it is not specified which of the actors).

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