E se Apple combinasse gli iPhone con gli AirPods? thumbnail

What if Apple combined iPhones with AirPods?

Tired of losing your earphones or forgetting them at home when you go out? The designer Zarruk Taiser found a solution to propose to Apple: combine iPhone e AirPods in one device. A small screen, which opens to reveal headphones.

Combine iPhone and AirPods in one device: here are the renders

Apple with the latest iPhones has given up on the idea of a compact iPhonedefinitively abandoning the “mini” size. But what if the small size served a different purpose? Designer Zarruk Taiseer wanted to create a concept with an iPhone from practically square screen, just a few inches.

But the device can be opened halfway, revealing the inside two AirPods placed under the screen. A design inspired by that of the Galaxy Z Flip, but instead of an internal screen you find headphones for making calls and listening to podcasts.

In front, therefore, we find a small and square screen, which also takes advantage of the curvature of the edges to make the most of the space for apps. On the back, tre photographic lenses capable of offering shooting in 8K and excellent shots, as Apple has accustomed us. In between, our AirPods.

This concept comes from the designer’s idea of ​​reinterpreting the flip phone concept, finding another utility in addition to reducing space. But the smaller screen makes it more difficult to use all those apps that shine on the screen 6.1 or 6.7 inch screen of Apple smartphones.

Unlikely that Apple can implement such a different solution in the short term. But this idea could give Cupertino engineers an idea to find an intelligent way to integrate AirPods into other products. Though we doubt seeing this exact design in an Apple Store, perhaps it could help to look to the future.

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