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What if Samsung and Google worked together?

That Samsung e Google they have a deep connection – almost visceral, if we can say it – it is undeniable. Last year, for example, the Korean company ditched its smartwatch operating system, Tizen OS, to join Google’s “big family” of Wear OS. In general, then, we could say that Google owes much of the success of its Android operating system to Samsung. In short, it is clear that the two companies are strongly linked. But what would happen, then, if they joined forces and worked in unison on Android OS and Galaxy devices?

Samsung and Google: How would mobile technology change if they worked together?

Considering how much Samsung and Google already work closely together, we wondered how the world of mobile technology would change if the two giants really decided to work side by side. The answer? First of all, Google could earn a lot from an alliance with the Korean company, using its retail network global, and leveraging the DeX platform and experience in development of tablet software. And it could have access to the best hardware available, assuming Samsung starts releasing Galaxy devices running pure Android OS.

Beyond that, the partnership would likely also result in Samsung giving up proprietary features like Bixby Assistant and Galaxy Store, in favor of Google-managed services like Google Assistant and Play Store. Therefore, this would end up meaning that the tech giant can reap more benefits from a hypothetical alliance with Samsung than vice versa. In this case, perhaps it might make sense to give up the Pixel series. If Google gave up its hardware, this could mean that more than a million Android smartphone users would switch to Galaxy devices. Furthermore, the collaboration would allow Samsung to offer its users one optimized version operating system Android.

Other advantages? A probable collaboration could lead to the production of Level Tensor chip, which Samsung could then use in its Galaxy smartphones and tablets instead of the Exynos. Tendentially, Samsung and Google would finally be able to optimize the Android user experience at the factory level, both at the software and hardware level. However, this partnership will probably never exist. But this certainly does not prevent us from thinking that something similar could happen. It will remain only an idea, mind you, unless the two companies want to try to produce the perfect smartphone.

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