What is “adult content” on TikTok and how it will work

Cosa sono e come funzioneranno i “contenuti per adulti” su TikTok thumbnail

The new year of TikTok began with the same good intentions with which 2022 ended: expanding the range of possibilities available to creators. Among the news announced today is the possibility, for the creators of TikTok, to restrict the viewing of content to adults only. A feature that had already been implemented for live broadcasts (TikTok Live) and which is now preparing to arrive in videos as well.

Does this mean that TikTok will become an adult site? Absolutely no. The platform was keen to reiterate that “nothing will change regarding the current guidelinesthe”. All contents representing nudity will therefore remain prohibited, pornography and violence.

How adult content will work on TikTok

As with live TikTok Live, creators can now choose to reserve their content for users who are 18 or older. The content in question will therefore be able to deal with and discuss issues deemed unsuitable for a young audience, preserving the experience of underage users on the site. Not only that, according to TikTok, the creators themselves would benefit, who will thus be able to express themselves without worrying that the videos will be seen by an unsuitable audience.

Browsing safety for minors or even children is taken seriously by TikTok. The platform is also well aware of the simplicity with which many younger users get around the minimum age limit to register. A recent and disturbing research conducted by the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) reveals that TikTok constantly shows its users dangerous content, pointing out that this could promote self-harm and eating disorders. The average is one potentially dangerous content every 206 seconds.

Meanwhile, the state of Louisiana has passed a law to remedy the age limit problem: valid ID is now required to access PornHub.

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