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What the demo of the new Kirby game tells us

While waiting for the full game to arrive later this month, we tried the demo Of Kirby and the lost landthe first 3D title for Nintendo Switch starring the iconic pink mangiatutto ball. Here are the impressions we have gained!

The Kirby demo and the lost land

Kirby’s demo just shows us what appears to be part of the game’s first world, with two levels and a boss. However, it is more than enough to get a taste of all the mechanics and dynamics of this new title.

The general philosophy, however, seems to be that of simplicity. The commands are, in fact, simple and refer to the classic games of Kirby classics. The actions are basically limited to jumping (with the possibility of floating) and aspiration. The latter, or the classic power of Kirby to aspire to practically everything, is the main attack mode, and in general the main game mechanic, as in practically all the titles of the series.

In Terra perduta, however, it is used in two different ways. On the one hand we have the classic way, where by sucking in objects and enemies we can then spit them back or, in the case of particular enemies, absorb its powersbecoming swordsmen, wizards, ice masters and more.

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On the other hand, we have a new power, one of the key points of this title, namely the Boccomorphosis. For particularly large inanimate objects, in fact, Kirby will not really be able to eat them, but he will have to limit himself to wrapping them with his mouth, taking control of them and thus unlocking them. new skills. Machines, distributors, traffic cones: the selection of objects is vast and leads to unexpected and creative results.

An apocalyptic but linear setup

While the setting differs from that of the other games in the series, the level structure is nonetheless extremely linear, almost remotely controlled, with few deviations for secondary objectives. Even the Boccomorphosis, in this perspective, seems to be used in a way nice but very limitedto solve certain puzzles but for little else.

Kirby and the lost land demo boss

Even the general difficulty, at least in these first levels, seems to be very low. We played the game in mode difficultbut on no occasion did they stand in front of it impossible enemies or at least actually complex challenges. Each level lasts maximum 10-15 minuteswhich is actually a very suitable playing time for fast and relaxed play sessions.

So what to think about this game after playing the demo? The experience was a lot relaxed e linearin some moments maybe even a little too much, e without any noteworthy creaming. It is certainly not an adrenaline-pumping or brainy game, nor have we seen (for now) particular revolutions of the format compared to other titles in the series (nothing open-worldfor example), but considering the very good base of games, in our opinion also Kirby and the lost land has the potential to be a very valid game with this protagonist character.

More information on the game, out on 25 marchand on the demo on the official Nintendo website.

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