What We Know About Hi-Fi: Spotify’s New Subscription Level

What We Know About Hi-Fi: Spotify's New Subscription Level

Announced last year, Spotify Hi-Fi could finally see the light in the near future. This is a new plan subscription specially designed for those who use the service to listen to music, with superior quality and without quality loss. The plan was originally supposed to arrive by the end of 2021, but due to issues related to some licenses, the launch has been postponed.

The times seem to finally be ripe, as shown by a recent survey that Spotify has proposed to its users. A user on Reddit shared part of this survey, in which the company refers to some features of the new plan.

Spotify Hi-Fi: price, features and everything we know

The new subscription plan, which is named Platinum, includes music hi-fi, Studio Sound e Headphone Tuner. The latter is a headphone self-equalization system. The intelligent system is able to detect the drivers of any headphone, equalizing the playback in order to emphasize the characteristics of the individual devices.

In addition to these playback quality features, the Platinum package includes unlimited access to podcasts. The cost, according to the survey published on Reddit, will be $ 19.99 per month.

The Hi-Fi feature, which delivers packet-free music, is actually very similar to Apple Music’s new Lossless mode. Unlike Spotify though, Apple offers the functionality at no additional cost to users.

Amazon Music also recently launched its own high-resolution features, which are also included in the subscription plan Amazon Music Unlimited. The latter costs € 10 per month (for non-Prime members), well half what Spotify should ask for its Hi-Fi plan.